Exactly like the kid that I used to be 30-odd years ago, I am always excited to welcome the Christmas season. It is, after all, supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, right? Nothing could ever come close to its potential to unleash the kids in all of us.

Contrary to popular belief and practice, Christmas should not be just for children. If Santa Claus would just put his thinking cap on and seriously consider the pitiful plight of mothers all over the world (My letter of protest for Santa would have to be for another post.), he would surely have a change of heart and make us, NOT the children, the lucky recipients of his benevolence and indulgence come Christmas Eve.

But since Santa Claus has limited powers at his disposal, we’ll also try to appeal to the genies, the fairy godmothers, the Tooth fairy, and the gods and goddesses who will care to listen to our most fervent longings, cravings and desires. With their collective powers and commands over all the elements of the universe, I’m pretty sure that no wish would be too grand nor preposterous to be granted.

Photo credit: utilagradavel.com

The following is an ordinary mom’s Christmas wish list. Should you have more to add (I bet, you have!), feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll immediately include them to this very “reasonable” list.

  1. Santa’s little workers to be appointed to do a general cleaning of our houses.
  1. Chef Gordon Ramsay and his crew to prepare a gastronomic feast for our Noche Buena and Media Noche.
  1. To regain our pre-motherhood looks and figures – no unwanted fats, gray hairs (or receding hairlines) and wrinkles. No defective eyesight, faulty memories and need for any medication, either.
  1. To be fully immersed in a series of wanton shopping sprees, with the credit card company imposing a billing moratorium on all our holiday purchases.
  1. To hop from one country to the next without having to worry over visa requirements.
  1. The entire world to be one big wi-fi zone.
  1. The streets to be free from stressful traffic. If this proves to be a task too tall even for our power-wielders, then a whole assortment of boredom-smashing activities should do. A zipline, a giant television screen, an entertaining show by world-renowned artists – they take their pick.
  1. A big, fat bank account that, despite numerous withdrawals, would still maintain its original opening balance.
  1. Our husbands to be extra-attentive and sensitive to our needs and wants. A romantic dinner date and a bouquet of red roses thrown in wouldn’t hurt.
  1. A chance to unwind big-time – a visit to the spa and the salon for some pampering, over-coffee tête-à-tête with a friend, some “me” time with the sea, sun and sand, a date with a good book, and a movie marathon with an unlimited supply of popcorn and ice-cold drinks. Not necessarily in that order, of course.
  1. An extensive array of sweets and goodies for moms with a sweet tooth like me.
  1. A sip (okay, a few sips) of vintage French wine at the end of the day.
  1. Adam Sandler’s Click remote control which has a pause button for good times, fast forward for bad times, and rewind to revisit the past.
  1. For all the children to go back to being our cuddly, sweet, adorable and cute babies. Let them stay that way forever. If growing up can’t really be avoided, though, let them skip that despicable stage called adolescence.
  1. World peace.


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