Have you already heard of the concept work-life balance? It is a comfortable state of equilibrium achieved when a person efficiently and effectively manages his time (and other resources) between his professional and personal lives. It is essential to acquire and maintain this healthy balance for one’s optimum well-being. Congruent with this goal, we should work hard not only to advance our careers but, more so, to be able to afford the finer things in life and to enjoy those that make us truly happy —family and friends, leisure, pleasure, physical wellness, spiritual health, etc.

However, even in our quest for happiness, we should be cautious and wise in spending our hard-earned money.

Investing is a brilliant way of taking control of our future while fulfilling various personal goals in the present. There are many investment vehicles available for us but real estate still remains the safest (it is a good hedge against inflation) and, if managed wisely, the most profitable of all the choices. Now, we are left with the crucial question, “Which real estate should we invest in?”

I am not a sales agent (I’m just a humble blogger), but I have recently been to this particular resort and I saw the place’s great potential both as a tourist hub and an investment option.


Tucked in a sheltered and serene corner of Mariveles, Bataan is Camaya Coast, a continuously growing and expanding eco-resort community. It is a 450-hectare project that includes commercial and residential developments (six subdivisions, to be exact, each offering a different view of the island ), and with a coastal length of 3.2 kms.

Manuel Carlos “Goody” Ilagan, Jr., President of Earth and Shore Leisure and Communities Corp. and the brains behind this ambitious and admirable project, envisions Camaya as the premier integrated eco-tourism destination in the country by year 2020.

Here, let me give you nine (9) reasons why you should consider Camaya your best investment option:

A group of pawikan making their way into the sea
  1. Nature galore. Focused on promoting eco-tourism, 30% of the total area of Camaya will be kept as natural forest reserves. The property boasts of two coves, white-sand beach, mountains and cliffs, waterfalls, and a sparkling river that flows all the way to the beach resort. Promenade, a nature escape that covers 15 hectares, features a 15-km trail along the slopes of the Camaya property. There is a fruit farm, too, full of fruit-bearing trees, such as cashew nuts, star apples, mangoes, citrus, coffee and cacao. Plenty of activities await the nature and adventure lovers: exploring the various trails (adventure, biking, ATV, horseback-riding and Nature Park), hiking to the waterfalls, cove-hopping, and fruit-picking at the farm. The Camaya Coast is also home to the Olive Ridley (locally known as pawikan), one of the seven species of sea turtles. During hatching season, be awed by the sight of the baby sea turtles as they make their way into the sea.
The view from one of the rooms of the Camaya Sands Hotel
  1. Idyllic and comfortable life where stress, pollution and traffic are alien concepts. With an elevation of 60 to 150 meters above sea level, each home will have an unobstructed view of the coast line below, the azure waters of the West Philippine Sea, the clear skies, the rolling hills, the verdant mountains, and the stunning sunset at the end of each day. Camaya Coast is where the bright hues of blue, white and green seamlessly merge. The resort is perfect for retirees who are looking for peace and quiet and some relaxing recreational activities to fill their golden years; for families who love to bask in the sun and to revel in the many activities that Camaya offers for both the young and the young at heart; for yuppies looking for a quick get-away from their daily grind; and for companies searching for venues for their team-building and other activities.
The 9-hole golf course, one of the developments in Camaya
  1. The lifestyle of the rich and famous is now made accessible and affordable even to the not-so-rich-and-famous among us. Currently, the only developments, amenities and consumer outlets available to the resort guests are the boutique hotel (with its 35 rooms, gym, spa, swimming pool and lounge), the event hall, the infinity swimming pool, the inflatable waterpark, and a handful of dining and hang-out destinations and retail outlets dotting the beach (Giordano, Pancake House, Figaro, Max’s Restaurant, Shakey’s Pizza, Big Chill, Potato Corner, Sand Bar, BBQ Grill and Snack Bar). But when all the developments and world-class amenities are finally in place, Camaya will have its own 9-hole golf course, Yacht Club, Seaplane, Retail Village, Arcade, Cinema, Banquet Hall, Convention Center, a bigger boutique hotel, an expanded infinity pool, Water Park, Campsite Hotel, and Promenade. Cabin cruise tours that will take the residents and guests back in time with their day trips to the Corregidor Island and the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, will also be available. Finally, Camaya ferries provide two trips every weekday and four trips every weekend from Manila to Camaya and back. And one can explore the resort without breaking a sweat because of the golf carts that are available to all. Hassle-free traveling and sweat-free exploring. Quite pampered, huh? But, hey, don’t be green with envy! You can also be a property owner in Camaya and live in constant luxury. Payment options and/or financing terms for buyers are flexible. When you purchase a property, for instance, you may complete your payment in 10 to 15 years with no down payment required, at a low and fixed annual interest rate of only 7%. That offer is better than what you can avail in Pag-Ibig! When you opt to pay outright cash, moreover, you will be given a discount from 10% to as much as 34%, depending on the price of the property you are buying. Also, when the property you are buying costs PhP2.5M or higher, the 12% VAT that you will need to pay will be completely waived. And you may build your house with as little as PhP1.5M. There’s no required house design that would cost you an arm and a leg.
No dull moment at this park!
  1. 49 fully-furnished units of their modern condotel are income-generating properties that could be available to you through their Hotel Rental program. This scheme is perfect for OFWs, immigrants and enterprising Pinoys who won’t frequently use their units but prefer those to yield steady income instead of sitting around accumulating dust. As a delightful bonus, your real estate investment in this Aqua Fun Condotel and Water Park will be more than just a condominium unit. It will be at the heart of fun and adventure! Aqua Fun is a water leisure park that will showcase giant slides, multi-level water play structures and other thrilling water rides that you and your guests will surely enjoy.
One of the waterfalls found inside the 450-hectare property of Camaya
  1. Camaya is an environmentally-friendly community which makes use of “a sewage treatment plant and a silt trap, both of which are meant to keep the area clean and safe while maintaining the balance of natural elements. In addition, the buildings in the development are constructed with a material called Plasform Panel which is claimed to be lightweight and easy to handle and eliminates the use of timber and plywood, and the cost for plastering.”
Are you into sports? The beach? Nature? No worries, Camaya has you covered!
  1. An array of fun activities is available for everyone’s enjoyment. The sports enthusiasts can decide to go swimming or play tennis, badminton, dodgeball, billiards, basketball, volleyball and table tennis. For the beach fanatics who consider the water their playground, banana boating, speed boating, rubber boating, kick boarding, kayaking, diving, swimming, body boarding, snorkelling, jet skiing and fishing are their choices. The beach comes alive during the evening when a live band and a group of fire dancers perform for their party-going audience. The grand fireworks display will leave everyone breathless.
Who knows? You might also see in Camaya Derek Ramsay in trunks or Marian Rivera in swimsuit
  1. The chance to rub shoulders with many of our celebrities. To heed their collective request for privacy, I won’t give out their names here but, believe me, many of the biggest names in the worlds of show business, sports, politics, business, mass media and beauty pageant may be your next-door neighbor in Camaya. The resort is also fast becoming a favorite beach destination to these celebrities.
When you need to catch your breath, you can easily grab one of these wicker chairs and relax under the shade of the palm trees
  1. The properties in Camaya are selling like hotcakes. There was a total of 3,677 properties up for sale, but approximately 3,000 of those have already been sold. This just goes to show that many people have seen what I saw in Camaya —a great potential.
Get your camera ready! This spot is perfect for your instragam-worthy photos.
  1. There is a readily available and extremely accommodating Sales Manager who will assist you in making your dream come true. Simply get in touch with me and I’ll give you his contact details.

Finally, there is no better time to invest than NOW. The young professionals need to invest for their future. The new parents need to invest for their children’s financial security. The OFWs and immigrants need to invest for when they decide to stay in the country. The enterprising Pinoy needs to invest for bigger earnings. The doting grandparents need to invest for their grandchildren’s inheritance. The retirees need to invest to enjoy to the fullest their remaining years.

And where else would you rather invest in than in this little paradise? Dubbed as The Little Boracay of Bataan, Camaya is proving to everyone that “Life is, indeed, breathtakingly simple!”

One of the ferries that will take you to paradise that is Camaya
The mesmerizing view that greets the guests disembarking from the ferry
The Camaya beach has an unlimited supply of these chairs
Perfect for the beach bums who love to bask in the sun
Longing for a royal treatment? This beach cabana will satisfy that longing.
Imagine yourself lounging in one of these while a masseur’s hands are working magic on your tired muscles!
These loungers are waiting for you. Just for you.
This river flows from the mountain all the way to the sea
Can you hear the lapping sound that the waves make against this hill?
Another picture-perfect spot!
Stuck in traffic on your way to the mall? Why not rush to Camaya where you can enjoy this instead?
Horsing around is not just for kids!
Communing with nature. If we can only bottle an experience as profound as this!
The perfect way to move around Camaya.
This band  keeps the strollers, the loungers and the diners entertained. Wanna join in?
Take a refreshing dip in Camaya’s famed infinity pool!
The Camaya Sands Hotel is just a stone’s throw away from the sea. Literally!
The hotel’s pool
One of the hotel’s rooms by the pool
This looks like a helipad
The basketball court in Camaya


Can you say no to living in a house like this?
Exquisite. There’s no other word to describe this sunset in Camaya.
This is how you catch the sun
Playing with fire in Camaya is fun!

*All the pictures used in this article are grabbed from the Facebook page of Camaya Coast.

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