An Open Letter to Pastor Quiboloy

Dear Pastor Quiboloy,

There are only two places that people like you should belong to – a tightly-guarded mental facility and the maximum security compound of the New Bilibid Prison.

Reading online articles about you, the first thing that I asked myself was, “Is this man really serious or is he just saying things in jest?” Apparently, you are dead serious. Which led me to my second question. “Why do people believe him and would do anything to please him?” If we are to believe your claim, your church, the “Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KJC), The Name Above Every Name” has a total of 6 million followers now.

Among your many claims, what I find most outrageous are your matter-of-fact statements that you are the Appointed Son of God, that you are the owner of the souls of the people, that you are the God of the universe, that you are the owner of the world, and that Catriona Gray won the 2018 Miss Universe title due to your intervention. And, of course, your recent statement that you were the one responsible for stopping the devastating earthquakes in Mindanao.

I have to ask you, though. If you really believe that you are that all-powerful, why did you wait for properties to be destroyed, people to be injured, and lives to be taken before you felt the need to stop the earthquakes? Why did you even allow it, or all the other natural and man-made calamities to happen, in the first place?


Because you’re a fake, that’s why.

You’re a fake prophet who twists the Scripture and uses it to your advantage. Case in point? You repeatedly say, “If you want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, see the Son. I am the only gateway to Heaven.” You are, of course, referring to yourself. Apparently, it’s a twisted version of John 14:6, wherein Jesus Himself says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

You also force your followers to stringently observe tithing, “a command that is vital to the salvation of the soul.” In the Bible, tithing is used to support the poor, widows and orphans. In your case, it is used to buy a private jet, a chopper, a mansion, and an 8-hectare compound where “piped-in centralized music is played 24 hours a day;” to finance your global television channel, 17 radio stations, 2 newspapers, and magazines; and to buy expensive gifts for your friends like the former mayor of Davao.

If you don’t consider your church a business venture, why then do you have to employ a business manager? You, Pastor Quiboloy, only reinforce my belief that the fastest ways to be rich in this country are illegal drugs, politics, and religion!

Finally, how do you manage to evade the long arm of the law this long? Do you force your followers to concoct perjured testimonies against complainants? Do you buy your way out? Do you use your influence over all the politicians that you’ve showered with lavish gifts? Or do you hire armed men to do the dirty work for you?

One of these days, karma, if not the law, will finally catch up with you. You would be made to pay for any of the numerous sins and crimes that people have been accusing you of – brainwashing, bribery, holding young girls against their will, sexual harassment, operating a child sex ring, land-grabbing, human trafficking, smuggling, and having IPs killed. Soon.

For now, though, suffice it to say that a handful of Filipinos, who have not been afflicted with the Duterte virus, see you for what you really are – a terrible disgrace to the real prophets who sacrificed their lives in the name of their faith to the Lord and their humble service to their flock.

Praying for karmic retribution,

The Filipinos who stay woke

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