Dear Tatay Digs,

Malaki talaga ang galit at takot mo of powerful, assertive and smart women, ano po? From Sen. Leila, former CJ Sereno, Maria Ressa, and Ombudsman Carpio-Morales to Sen. Risa, UN Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard, ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, pati na rin si Sister Patricia Fox — all of them experienced being on the receiving end of your infamous misogynistic and sexist remarks.

Ngayon, it’s VP Leni’s turn. For the nth time.

If you don’t really trust her, like what you said, bakit ninyo siya in-appoint to that sensitive position, in the first place? Ah, oo nga pala, you just did so dahil napikon ka sa kanya for calling your drug war a failure. And because you didn’t expect that she would accept your offer/challenge/bait.

Una po, Tatay Digs, VP Leni only mimicked your early statement about the failure of your much-touted drug war. So why did you take offense when the VP said that it is obviously not working?

Pangalawa po, prior to her appointment, you said, and I quote, “The moment she accepts…Anything that has to do with drugs and criminality, you ask her. I will appoint. Let’s see. I won’t interfere anymore.”

So, ano ang tawag sa ginagawa mo ngayon if that is not interfering? Full cooperation?

Pangatlo, ano po ang masama sa paghingi ni VP Leni ng list of High-Value Targets if she deems it necessary to ensure the arrest of the big-time drug personalities and drug lords? Unfair nga naman po kasi kung puro small-time drug peddlers at users lang ang mapaparusahan through tokhang, di ba?

Spox Panelo said before that Malacañang has no problem giving VP Leni access to intelligence reports on the drug war because those records are “open.” Na wala naman daw itinatago ang pamahalaan. He also said that, as ICAD co-chair, VP Leni will become the “boss” of the law enforcement agencies tasked to curb the drug menace. “She can do what she wants, and she will have the support of the entire members of the Cabinet, as well as the agencies under her.” Talaga lang po, ha?


Pang-apat, bakit masyado yata kayong triggered sa pagri-request ni VP Leni for that list? May gusto po ba kayong protektahan? Kayo nga dati, kahit unverified, inilalabas mo sa media ang narco lists at drug matrices, di ba?

According to Sen. Lacson, the VP, as the country’s anti-drug czar and the second-highest official of the land, should have access to that controversial list. In fact, she should have the necessary security clearance.

Also, according to EO No. 34, her position as Vice President entitles her to a seat to the National Security Council. Thus, she does not need a Cabinet position or your permission, for that matter, to have access to such information.

Panglima po, you said that you can’t trust VP Leni because she is from the other side of the political fence. Sabagay, you’d rather trust the likes of Faeldon, Albayalde, Lapeña, the Marcoses, the Arroyos, Estrada, Revilla, pati na rin si Quiboloy, at marami pang iba, di po ba?

Pang-anim, you said that you’re afraid that she will use that information to jeopardize the security of the state.

Patawa ka talaga, Tatay Digs.

Di ba, ikaw nga ang tahasang nagbibenta ng bansa natin sa China? You allowed the unrestricted entry of Chinese nationals, businesses, gambling operations, unscrupulous contractors, onerous deals and “friendly” loans, overpaid workers that don’t pay taxes, smuggled goods, tons of shabu, bullying of our fishermen and coastguard, oil and gas explorations of our marine areas, telecom company that is potentially a threat to our security, island-grabbing, black sand mining, giant clam harvesting, at kung ano-ano pang mga illegal activities.

Ikaw ang tunay na traydor sa bayan, Tatay Digs. Licking the ass of Xi Jinping is your favorite pastime nga, di ba? Kaya, sana, don’t you dare point a finger at VP Leni. Psychological projection ang tawag sa ginagawa mong ‘yan.

Lastly, when you issued VP Leni a threat in case her mouth misbehaves, I almost fell off my chair and rolled on the floor laughing. Nahiya po ako bigla sa iyong filthy, lying and uncontrollable mouth, Tatay Digs. Talagang ikaw pa ang pupuna sa bibig ng iba? Ibang klase ka talaga!

Next time you go AWOL again, try to reflect din po, ha? At, paminsan-minsan, makikinig ka rin sa pamangkin mo. 😉

Natatawa sa iyo at sa iyong mga minions,

Ang Taumbayan

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