When VP Leni critized his fake drug war, and certain that she will not accept his offer, Duterte appointed her to be a drug czar. It was a challenge which was meant to mock her.

“Okay, you have many ideas I’ll appoint you to be the drug czar.”

When VP Leni unexpectedly accepted the appointment, and to show everyone that he is a good appointing officer, Duterte promised her a Cabinet seat and his full support. But before the VP could even start, Duterte’s minions and sycophants bombarded her with hateful remarks and statements undermining her capabilities.

“I will swear her in as a Cabinet member so that she will have the authority.”

Bong Go: Ibi-baby lang ni VP Leni ang mga drug lords.

Bato dela Rosa: Hindi pwedeng magpacute-cute lang si VP Leni sa giyerang ito.

Alan Peter Cayetano: VP Leni is starting on the wrong mouth. She has turned Operation Tokhang into Operation All-Talk.

When VP Leni started to work with utmost diligence that her sensitive position required, even recommending to other ICAD members to rethink their campaign to avoid the senseless killings, and meeting with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, the US Embassy officers, the Church, and other institutions and groups that have been critical of the drug-related killings, Duterte said that he didnt trust the VP. Said statement was apparently triggered by the erroneous info he received that VP Leni invited UN to investigate the drug war.

“And I am sorry because I said you only realize that it is false news when the news comes out.”

When VP Leni asked for the list of the High-Value Targets, all hell broke loose. Duterte and his minions panicked.

“Vice President Leni Robredo is a ‘scatterbrain’ with ‘kneejerk’ impulses whom I would not appoint to the Cabinet and entrust with sensitive information about the state. She might use that information to jeopardize the security of the state”

No need for VP Leni to have access to high-value target list. – PDEA Chief Aaron Aquino, PNP OIC Archie Gamboa, House Committee on Dangerous Drugs chair Robert Ace Barbers, Senate Pres. Tito Sotto

When VP Leni remained unaffected by all the bullying that she had been relentlessly subjected to, and it was apparent that she was getting all the attention and praises over the re-directed drug war, Duterte, like a petulant child, fired her.

“I have yet to see the Vice President working as an ICAD or ICAD chair, co-chair, and there is a product of their discussion.”

thumbnail (4)

Spox Salvador Panelo is now weaving all kinds of lies to justify his master’s unjustifiable decision to give VP Leni the ax.

VP Leni is allegedly incompetent. Apparently, the Palace has a different definition of the word. Competence for them defines the likes of Faeldon, Lapeña, Uson, Albayalde and, now, the two “rising stars in Philippine politics,” Bong Go and Phisgoc’s Alan Peter Cayetano.

VP Leni allegedly committed missteps. If redirecting the drug war down the path devoid of senseless killings, and demanding for the list of drug lords who she wished to run after are considered missteps, then so be it.

VP Leni was allegedly grandstanding. The Palace should have realized that the position they gave the VP and the circumstances surrounding it were virtually magnets for attention. It was hardly VP Leni’s fault that the media were constantly tailing her, curious as to how far she’d be allowed to run the show.

She was allegedly weighed but found wanting. This may be true because the qualities they are looking for in their appointees –obedience, docility, and the ability to look the other way– can never be found in VP Leni.

Everyone knows that VP Leni was not fired due to any of those reasons.
She was fired –and appointed– for one reason, and one reason alone. Politics.

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