An Open Letter to VP Leni Robredo

Dear VP Leni Robredo,

Congratulations! With just the perfect combination of wit and sarcasm, you were able to effectively burn Bongbong Marcos up!

Of all people nga naman kasi, why would he have the audacity to talk about cheating, and to claim that he has been robbed of the vice presidency? Sino ba ang may mahabang history ng panloloko at pagnanakaw? Sino ba ang may reputation of producing fake diplomas and of instigating historical revisionism and the spread of fake news? Sino ba ang nagmula sa pamilya ng unrepentant liars, plunderers and cheaters?

We are sure na hindi ikaw ‘yun, VP Leni.

With a seemingly innocent question, you also managed to reveal for everyone to see his utter stupidity.

“Why didn’t he pick those (Maguindanao, Lanao del Sur and Basilan) for his pilot provinces, in the first place?” Apparently po, VP Leni, nobody explained to him the significance of choosing the right pilot provinces –that those are supposed to best exemplify the frauds or irregularities alleged in his petition; that the result of the recount on those pilot provinces would determine if PET would proceed with or dismiss his protest.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have picked Camarines Sur, Iloilo and Negros Oriental.

But since he did, mas lalo niya lang napatunayan sa sambayanan ang kanyang pagkatalo when, after the recount, revision and re-appreciation proceedings, your lead even grew by as much as 15,000 votes! More importantly, he failed to ensure a significant vote recovery.

On September 9, Justice Caguioa submitted to the en banc his report on the concluded recount. More than a month has already passed but the SC has yet to act on that report.

Itong issue ng unresolved electoral protest na ito ang ginagamit ni Bongbong to further sow and propagate lies, and to cast doubt in our people’s minds about the legitimacy of your vice presidency. This is precisely the reason why the Supreme Court, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, should already resolve the issue of Bongbong’s electoral protest with finality. And, if they are to issue a decision in accordance with their own rule, specifically PET’s Rule 65, our honorable Magistrates should have already issued an outright dismissal of that said protest after they received Justice Caguioa’s report.

Grabbed from Bong Banal’s Facebook wall

So, aside from the glaring fact that it is the right, fair and lawful thing to do, why do we need to insist to our Justices to dismiss Bongbong’s electoral protest?

First, because the dismissal is the affirmation of your constitutional mandate – the affirmation that YOU have been robbed of for more than three years now. Ikaw, VP Leni, ang ninakawan ni Bongbong Marcos with his preposterous lies, fishing expedition and grand illusion.

Second, because the dismissal would effectively put a closure to all this time-squandering nonsense, and we can all finally focus our undivided attention, time and energy to more productive and meaningful endeavors such as our fight for the West Philippine Sea and against the gross corruption in government and the fake War on Drugs.

And, third, because, once and for all, our Magistrates would be able to prove that their decision is not for sale, that their integrity remains intact, and that they continue to be the best interpreters and final arbiters of the laws.

So, if we were you, VP Leni, we won’t worry our pretty little heads if the composition of the current Supreme Court is a little, well, worrisome — that 8 of its 14 Justices are Duterte appointees; that Justice Bersamin, a Duterte-appointed Chief Justice, and Justice Peralta, a GMA appointee, have both voted for the hero’s burial for Ferdinand Marcos, the acquittal of GMA for plunder, the arrest and detention of Sen. De Lima, the constitutionality of Martial Law in Mindanao, and the ouster via quo warranto of CJ Sereno; and that Justice Carpio, one of the three remaining Justices that truly deserve the title “Honorable,” is set to retire on October 26 and will be replaced by yet another Duterte appointee.

Yes, the odds may be stacked against us but let us not lose hope.

Let us hope that our Justices will all heed Justice Leonen’s tacit challenge, “Your children and grandchildren will ask you: during the darks days that you have lived, why did you not have the courage to do the right thing?” Let us hope that they will all choose to be on the right side of history. Let us hope that they will fearlessly stand for what is right, fair and lawful.

That’s all for now, VP Leni. Goodluck to you!

Laging nananalangin at umaasa para sa iyo,

Ang Taumbayan


The Indelible Marks of August 21

For all the “mamamayang Liberal,” what is the significance of August 21? We all know, of course, that it is a special non-working holiday in commemoration of the death of Ninoy Aquino.

But, is that all there is to it? What change did Ninoy’s death bring about for our country?

C’mon, let us take a quick look back at history and, together, let us find out how August 21 has figured in the most critical periods in our annals and how it has managed to change the course of our history.

Photo credit to and editing to Pinoy Ako Blog  


1971 – Plaza Miranda bombing

On the evening of August 21, 1971, at the height of the Liberal Party’s miting de avance at the Plaza Miranda in Quiapo, two hand grenades exploded at the exact time that then LP Pres. Gerry Roxas was proclaiming on stage the senatorial and Manila local candidates that the party was fielding for the oncoming midterm elections.

It was an attempt to decimate the LP senatorial slate.

9 died and 95 got wounded as a result of that nefarious incident.

Among those who were seriously injured were then Senators Gerry Roxas and Serge Osmeña Jr., LP senatorial candidates Jovito Salonga, John Henry Osmeña, Genaro Magsaysay, Ramon Mitra Jr., Salipada Pendatun, Melanio Singson, Eddie Ilarde, and Eva Estrada-Kalaw (a Nacionalista guest candidate of the LP), and Ramon Bagatsing, the LP’s Manila mayoral candidate.

A few days after the grim and bloody Plaza Miranda bombing, Marcos assumed emergency powers and suspended the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus.

During the November 1971 elections, Marcos’ senatorial candidates experienced a terrible and unexpected defeat — a sign that Marcos was losing his political grip on the nation that was beginning to turn against him.

In September of 1972, Marcos declared Martial Law.


1983 – Ninoy Aquino assassination

After three years of self-exile in the US, and in spite of then First Lady Imelda Marcos’ prophetic statement that “If Aquino gets home, he is dead,” Ninoy decided to go back to his beloved country. His decision was prompted by two factors:  the declining political situation in the Philippines and the deteriorating health condition of Ferdinand Marcos.

Despite all the possible safety precautions that Ninoy took (he used a passport bearing a different name, he took a circuitous route, he wore a bullet-proof vest, and he was escorted by several international journalists during his flight home), Ninoy was gunned down at the tarmac of the Manila International Airport.

In the back of his head.

At close range.

In broad daylight.

With 1,000 soldiers supposedly sent for his security.

Ninoy Aquino, Marcos’ staunchest opponent and most vocal critic, was groomed by LP to be its standard bearer in the 1973 presidential elections that never took place because of the Martial Law declaration. He was referred to by Sen. Jovito Salonga as “the greatest president we never had.”

The cold-blooded murder of Ninoy sparked widespread outrage among the Filipinos previously cowed by Marcos’ tyrannical rule.

Two and a half years later, further galvanized by the victory of Marcos in a snap election that was marred by blatant fraud and violence, hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life trooped to EDSA in what was to be known as the People Power Revolution.

The 21-year reign of the Marcoses and their cronies came to an end when the first family fled Malacañang and was flown to Hawaii.

I didn’t think I would ever resort to this but, to conclude, I am hereby quoting Rigoberto Tiglao (yes, the same Rigoberto Tiglao who serves as the Gloria Arroyo apologist and attack dog that all democratic warriors regard with disdain!).

The tragedy on August 21, 1971 “triggered the events that led to the imposition of martial law and the start of Marcos’ 13-year dictatorship.” The tragedy on August 21, 1983, meanwhile, “triggered the events that led to the fall of that dictatorship.”


2019 – ?!!!

Under the present administration, our democracy is under attack. Sen. De Lima is languishing in jail for 2-1/2 years now due to trumped-up charges, CJ Sereno had been illegally removed from office, and most of the prominent voices of the opposition are now facing sedition and other charges based solely on the testimony of a convicted criminal that Spox Panelo himself once called a liar cum information peddler. The press is threatened, the Church is relentlessly trashed, and the women and the LGBTQ+ community are constantly subjected to disparaging remarks. Thousands have already been murdered – the poor, minors, human rights defenders, farmers, and IPs alleged to be drug users/peddlers/pushers or communists/insurgents. The culture of impunity is back with a vengeance. The administration is also treacherously turning us over to China –on a silver platter, no less. Most importantly, the very fiber of our values as Filipinos is now weakened, damaged or flawed.

In order to restore everything that we have lost, we need to effect genuine change.

Are you now ready to take on that task as part of our responsibility as citizens of this country?


Two days before President Duterte is set to deliver his 4th State of the Nation Address (SONA), more than 40 mostly young people participated in a meaningful discourse to discuss the state of the nation “from the lens of the Filipino youth.”

Through the initiative of Rappler’s MovePH, in partnership with Dakila #WeTheFuturePH, most important issues affecting the lives of ordinary Filipinos – labor rights, environment and climate justice, press freedom and freedom of information (FOI), road safety and transportation, gender equality, and education – were tackled in a huddle called “SO ano NA?”.

photo credit to Move.PH

Among the interactive activities prepared for the participants was to describe the country’s current state in one word. The most interesting answers included crisis, precarious, shit, pathetic, lost, abhorrent, impunity, bullshit, joke, grim, and wasak.

The second activity involved Mentimeter, Rappler’s mood meter, and seven attention-grabbing headlines that the online news website had released recently. The aim was to feel the pulse of the participants when the following headlines were shown on the screen:

  • PH among worst countries for workers – global index
  • This March 2019, the youth of Negros successfully campaigned towards a coal-free Negros
  • 14 media practitioners have been killed, and 128 cases reported of attacks and threats during the Duterte administration
  • Over 10,000 road-related deaths have been counted since 2016, with the most frequent victims – youth aged 20-24
  • 70,000 strong tayo, mga mahal! #ResistTogether
  • Kolateral is a 12-track album featuring various Filipino artists, where each track is backed by real data and narratives on the Philippine Drug War
  • Deped orders temporary closure of 55 Lumad schools in Davao region


After each headline was flashed, the participants were asked to click any of the eight moods to see which emotions the particular story was able to evoke from the group. Thankfully, nobody showed apathy to any of the headlines by clicking the emoticon for “don’t care”.

The third and last interactive activity required the participants to group themselves into five (all had to come from different groups/advocacies) and submit a presentation of their consolidated vision for the next three years, complete with specific and feasible solutions to the key issues plaguing the country today. That particular activity proved to be the most challenging one considering the limited time allotted to the groups to come up with a decent presentation and discuss the same in front of everyone – not to mention that that task had to be accomplished by collaborating with virtually complete strangers. The participants, however, were able to demonstrate their exemplary ability to rise to the challenge.

Based on their presentations, most of the country’s problems basically boil down to lack of education, discipline, and involvement. Thus, their proposed solutions were aligned with efforts and initiatives to ally themselves with individuals of the same advocacy, to educate communities and target groups on various key issues, to lobby and pressure the power wielders to genuinely represent and work for the interests of the majority, and to initiate the changes they want to see in society from the most basic level –  themselves.

The huddle, which was held right in the newsroom of Rappler, was an engaging and fruitful endeavor, so much so that a mere two hours was not enough to discuss each and every topic as extensively as each rightfully warranted. So, hopefully, Rappler and their partner organizations will continue to come up with lengthier activities of the same kind that will be participated in by more people of various orientations, and will give birth to ideas that will translate into progressive, sustainable and inclusive actions.



A friend messaged me today. Mas okay daw ang mga fb posts ko dati noong puro about family, parenthood, marriage at nakakatuwang mga kwento ang isini-share ko. Tigilan ko na raw kasi ang politika. Kung hindi, dadami lang daw ang wrinkles (at kaaway!) ko.

Ang sagot ko sa kanya?

Bes, nami-miss ko na rin ang time when I was always inspired to write and share articles about the joys of being a mom, a wife and a woman. Nami-miss ko na ang panahon when days would pass by na walang malaking ganap sa paligid natin. Nami-miss ko na ang pakiramdam na paggising sa umaga, I wouldn’t have to wonder with dread, “Ano na naman kaya ang mga mangyayari today na hindi kagandahan?”

Ngayon kasi, bes, the time demands na magbasa, magsulat at mag-share tayo para makapagmulat ng mga kababayan natin na walang alam, walang pakialam, o pinipili pa rin ang maniwala sa mga kasinungalingan.

Look around us.

Tuloy-tuloy pa rin ang pagpatay in the name of a fake drug war.

Wala pang nahuhuling drug lords. Yung mga umamin, pinakawalan. Yung mga convicted, ginawang witnesses laban kay Sen. De Lima, at pinawalang-sala.

Bilyun-bilyong halaga ng droga ang hinahayaang makapasok sa bansa.


Ang mga mahihirap, lalong napapahirapan dahil sa TRAIN law.

Bagsak ang ekonomiya natin.

Mahal ang mga bilihin.

Ang mga trabahong dapat nakalaan sa mga Pilipino, sa mga Tsino ibinibigay. Kaya ang mga OFWs, patuloy na nagpapaalipin at naaabuso sa ibang bayan.


Mas grabe ngayon ang korapsyon sa gobyerno. Harapan at walang pakundangan. Nariyan ang magkakapatid na Tulfo, sina Lapeña at Faeldon, si former DOJ Sec. Aguirre, si Bong Go at ang pamilya nya, si Solgen Calida, ang mga Villar, ang pamilya ni Sec. Diokno, ang mga Konggresista with their budget insertions, at marami pang iba.


Tinatakot at pilit na pinapatahimik ang mga personalidad at institusyon na lumalaban sa mga abuses ng administrasyong ito. Binabaluktok nila ang batas, at ginagawang tama ang mali at mali ang tama.


Pinipilit baguhin ng ating mga politiko ang Saligang Batas upang maproteksyunan nila ang kanilang pangsariling interes.


Ang mga kilalang plunderers, pinalaya na at ngayon ay mga kumakandidato para makabalik sa kapangyarihan. Habang ang mga batang paslit, gusto nilang gawing criminally liable at makulong kapag lumabag sa batas.


At ang mga teritoryo natin sa West Philippine Sea? Hayun, pinapabayaang kamkamin ng China. Bes, ilang taong ipinaglaban ‘yun ng Pilipinas sa The Hague. Naipanalo na natin ‘yun. Pero ngayon ay isinusuko ng administrasyong ito ang ating karapatan at pinapayagang i-harass ang ating mga mangingisda sa ating sariling katubigan.


And that poor excuse of a man na nakaupo sa Malacañang? Wala siyang ginagawa kundi bigyan ng kahihiyan ang Office of the Philippine President that he should be representing! Ang mga ipinagmamalaki niya lang na accomplishments ay ang kanyang mga fake wars.

Fake war against illegal drugs.

Fake war against corruption.

Fake war against poverty.

Fake war against oligarchs.

Fake war against incompetence.


Ngayon, bes, sabihin mo sa akin. Dapat ba akong manahimik? Baka naman panahon na para imulat mo ang iyong mga mata, pakinggan ang hinaing ng mga kababayan nating namatayan at naghihirap, at gamitin ang iyong boses upang kundinahin ang mga hindi makatao at hindi maka-Pilipinong nangyayari sa bayan natin.

Samahan mo kami, Bes.

Make a stand.

The way I see it, laban na ito ng mga tunay na nagmamahal at nagmamalasakit sa bayan versus mga traydor sa bayan. So, ang laban namin ay laban nating lahat. At kailangan nating maipanalo ang labang ito.

Bago pa mahuli ang lahat.


They go by many names.

Fence sitters. Spectators. Onlookers. Bystanders

They are mostly passive, indifferent, detached, apathetic, neutral, and complacent.

Their favorite lines are, “Huwag na tayong makialam dyan. Wala rin namang mangyayari.” Hindi rin naman tayo pakikinggan.” “Pare-pareho lang naman ang mga namumuno sa bansa.” “Hindi rin naman magbabago ang buhay natin.”

Mali po.

We should all be concerned, active, interested, participative, involved, engaged.

The way our government is run should be our concern dahil kung anuman ang kahihinatnan ng bansa natin, tayo ang apektado. Ang buhay ng mga anak natin ang apektado. Ang mga susunod pang henerasyon ang apektado.

Sa mga nangyayari ngayon sa ating paligid, we can’t afford to be silent.

We have to make our voices clearer, louder, and stronger. And, together, we can possibly make a difference. We can effect change. We can reclaim our people and our country.

Kaya’t sa nalalapit na eleksyon, suriin nating mabuti ang ating mga kandidato. Huwag na tayong magpaloko. Ang mga corrupt, mga trapo, mga political dynasts, mga incompetent, mga supporters ng mga polisiyang maka-China, anti-people, at anti-God — there’s a special place reserved for them at, definitely, hindi iyon sa ating mga balota.

Ako, tumaya na. Ito ang aking mga kandidato na dadalhin ko sa Senado. Kilalanin nyo sila.

Sa abilidad, kalidad, integridad, at kredibilidad, hindi sila matatawaran.

Ang laban nilang walo ay laban ng bawat Pilipino!



















Sa botong 224-22-3, the House of Representatives approved last December 11, during its 3rd and final reading, the resolution “that seeks to shift the Philippines to a federal system of government.” Ang nasabing proposed Revision of the 1987 Constitution ay kilala bilang Resolution of Both Houses number 15 o RBH 15.

Masasabi nating may pagka-ninja talaga itong si GMA.

Mabilis at walang ingay niyang nailusot sa committee level ang RBH 15 noong Oktubre ng nakaraang taon. Noong December 3, after only three days of plenary deliberation, debates were terminated. Ito ay sa kabila ng malinaw at malakas na pagtutol at protesta ng ating mga kababayan sa nasabing proposed constitution. (According to a June 2018 Pulse Asia survey, 67% ng ating populasyon ang hindi sumusuporta sa charter change, habang 62% naman ang hindi pabor sa shift to a federal form of government.) Also, the passage of the resolution after the third reading happened only eight days after it was approved on second reading. 8 days?!!! Nakulayan din ng kontrobersya ang hasty passage ng RBH 15 nang na-expose sa ating lahat ang bilyon-bilyong pork barrel insertions sa proposed 2019 national budget kung saan mga kaalyado ni GMA ang lumalabas na may malaking pakinabang. Hindi maiiwasang isipin na ginamit ang pork barrel to “bribe” the Congressmen para suportahan ang RBH 15.

Under RBH 15, which was authored by no other than our honorable House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and filed with 35 other lawmakers, ay matatagpuan ang mga sumusunod na probisyon:


  1. The Vice President shall be excluded from the line of succession during the transition period. So, kapag may masamang nangyari kay Duterte habang Pangulo pa siya ng bansa, hindi si VP Leni ang papalit sa kanya, kundi ang Senate President who happens to be Tito Sotto. Juicecolored!


  1. The term limits for the members of Congress shall be removed. Under the present Constitution, a Senator can only sit for two consecutive 6-year terms, while a member of the Lower House is limited to three consecutive 3-year terms. Ang ninjang si Arroyo, na dating naka-wheelchair at naka-neck brace pa, is a third-termer lawmaker. So, siya ang unang makikinabang sa probisyong “unli” terms of office na ito. Ang saya-saya, di ba?


  1. This resolution does not have any provisions on the regulation of political dynasties, unlike the Con-Com draft. So, pwede na talagang magpakalunod sa kapangyarihan ang ating mga politiko pati na rin ang kanilang mga anak, mga anak ng kanilang mga anak, at mga anak ng mga anak ng kanilang mga anak. Hindi kaya sila lugi rito?


  1. Likewise, it does not have any provisions on the holding of elections in May 2019 because, under the new constitution, the first election shall be held on the second Monday of May in 2022. Meaning, mai-extend ang term ng lahat ng incumbent officials dahil kanselado ang darating na mid-term elections. Ngayon, mas malinaw na ba kung bakit talagang ni-railroad nila ang pagpasa ng RBH 15?


  1. We shall have a presidential-bicameral-federal form of government, wherein the President and Vice President are to be elected at large. Both should come from the same political party, and a vote for the Pres. is a vote for the Vice Pres. So, kung may natipuhan tayong presidential candidate na relatively ay matino but who happens to have a running mate na chaka kagaya halimbawa ni Pacquiao, wala tayong choice if we vote for him kundi ang tanggapin ang kanyang VP. Buy one, take one lang ang peg!


  1. Industries shall be opened up to foreign ownership. Dahil sa pag-insert nila ng phrase na “unless otherwise provided by law,” ang mga foreign investors ay posible nang magmay-ari ng ating mga lupain at iba pang natural resources, mga educational institutions, public utilities, media entities, at iba pa. Pwede na tayong maging alipin ng mga dayuhan sa ating sariling bayan!


  1. The Speaker of the House, instead of the Senate President, shall be the ex-officio chairman of the Commission on Appointments. Nakukulangan pa si GMA sa kapangyarihang hawak niya bilang House Speaker. Kailangang mapasakanya pa rin ang makapangyarihang komisyon na ito. Speaking of the insatiable appetite for power!


Photo credit to the owner


This resolution has already been transmitted to the Senate for its own deliberations. Kailangan nating maging alerto at mapagbantay. Ipinakita na ng mga Kongresista ang kanilang tahasang pagkalulong sa kapangyarihan. Shamelessly! They want charter change for no other reason but to advance their self-interests. ‘Yun lang at wala nang iba.

Ngayon, tingnan natin how our Senators will fare.




Narito ang explanation ni Cong. Kit Belmonte sa kanyang NO vote to Cha-cha. Sana, lahat ng politiko ay kagaya niya.

Atty. Kit Belmonte votes NO to Cha-cha


Madame Speaker, my colleagues: Magandang hapon po. As representative of the Sixth District of Quezon City, I vote NO to RBH 15.

The House of Representatives is the primary institution that ensures that  in the enactment of national measures enshrine the interest of each and every Filipino. We in Congress are the representatives of our constituents. Our constituents deserve no less: we have to make sure that their interest is guarded with every legislation that is sought to be passed in this august chamber.

RBH 15 as we see it now is so different from the drafts discussed in committee. It was even recommitted to the Committee on Constitutional Amendments  for the failure to include the Vice President in the line of succession. Despite clear objections to the proposed constitution, debates were terminated on December 3, 2018, after only three session days of debate.

Three days to debate a measure to change our constitution, ladies and gentlemen. For a resolution that seeks to change the very character of our nation and the fundamental workings of our government, it is a disservice to our constituents. Three session days: there WILL be questions that WILL be unanswered.

Hawiin natin ang usapan mula sa pulitika pabalik sa mga katanungang bumabagabag sa mga ordinaryong Pilipino—mataas na presyo ng bilihin, kawalan ng trabaho, karahasan laban sa mahihirap. At a time when poverty and powerlessness prevail over our citizens, hindi ba dapat sa kanila nakatuon ang ating pansin at kung papaano natin mabibigyan ng solusyon ang kanilang mga suliranin?

Change is a double-edged sword. Tinkering with our constitution all in the name of supposed “change”, and forcing such change despite the absence of any clamor, and only for personal gain will not in any way contribute to the strengthening of our nation.

Tanggal and term limits, Burado ang anti – dynasty provision. Para kanino ba talaga ang Cha-Chang ito?

In behalf of the constituents of the 6th District of Quezon City, I vote NO to RBH 15.



Sen. Pilo Hilbay on RBH 15:


List of major constitutional changes under RBH 15:


The Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) on RBH 15:



A lot of people are asking, “Ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng enabler?” “Bakit ninyo inaakusahan si Tatay Digong na isang enabler?” “Bakit isinisisi nyo yata sa kanya ang halos lahat ng mga hindi magagandang nangyayari ngayon sa bansa natin?”

Ganito kasi ‘yun.

Kapag ang Tatay mo ay nagsasawalang-kibo, nagkikibit-balikat, o nagbubulag-bulagan kapag may ginawa kang kasalanan; kung siya ay natatawa o dinidipensahan at binibigyan ka pa ng reward kapag ikaw ay isinusumbong sa kanya ng iyong kapatid; or worst, kung siya mismo ang nag-uudyok sa iyo na gumawa ng mali; masasabi nating “enabler” ang Tatay mo.

Masahol pa siya sa kunsintidor dahil nagbubuyo at nangkakayag pa siya tungo sa tiwali at maling daan.

Ang Tatay Digong mo, sa simula pa lang, ay inencourage na ang mga pulis, pati na rin tayong mga sibilyan, to “go ahead and kill drug addicts.” Ano ang naging resulta? Kaliwa’t kanan ang naging pagpatay sa mga suspected drug users —hindi lang ng mga pulis during legitimate police operations, kundi maging ng mga riding-in-tandem vigilantes, hitmen, at scalawags. Since he took office in July 2016, nasa 27,000 drug-related killings na ang naitatala sa bansa, ayon sa CHR.

Nag-release si Tatay Digong mo ng list of government officials na di-umano ay involved sa drugs, without filing a single case before the court nor presenting any clear and substantial evidence. Sa ngayon, 12 Mayors at 6 Vice-Mayors na ang pinapatay since Duterte won the presidency.

Winarningan ni Tatay Digong mo ang mga magbubukid against occupying unused and barren lands. Nagbanta pa nga siya na babarilin sila kapag sumuway sa kanya. Ayon sa Unyon ng Manggagawa sa Agrikultura (UMA), 172 farmers na ang pinapatay sa ilalim ng administrasyong ito. Mostly, ang mga biktima ay mga magbubukid na nagtatanim ng mga gulay, prutas, at root crops sa mga lupang nakatiwangwang lang during Tiempo Muerto (o yung panahon na wala silang trabaho dahil sa dead season) upang may maipakain sila sa kanilang mga pamilya.

Sa simula pa lang, ipinakita na ni Tatay Digong mo sa kaniyang mga salita at gawa, kung gaano kaliit ang tingin nya sa mga babae. Grabe ang pambabastos at pambabalahura nya sa mga anak ni Eba —mula sa rape jokes, catcalling, taking pride in his womanizing, paghalik sa female supporters nya in public, degrading women and belittling their competence and capability, pagsasabing foreign women have a queer odor, equating women’s usefulness to their vagina, pagmamalaki na minomolestiya niya dati ang kanilang kasambahay, at kung anu-ano pang kahalayan. Ang mga sipsip sa gobyerno, syempre pa, ay magpapa-impress. Follow the leader kasi ang peg nila. Kaya naglipana ang mga sexists, misogynists, bigots at chauvinistic pigs ngayon, pati na rin ang kanilang mga apologists. Nandyan sina Salvador Panelo, Vit Aguirre, Harry Roque, Martin Andanar, Pantaleon Alvarez, Reynaldo Umali, Manny Pacquiao, Tito Sotto, mga pro-admin bloggers, at marami pang iba.

Iniutos ni Tatay Digong mo sa ating mga sundalo na, if they should encounter female insurgents, dapat barilin nila ang mga ito sa vagina. Pwede rin daw silang mang-rape, at sasagutin niya hanggang tatlo. Sa mga pronouncements na ‘yun, he openly encouraged violence against women. Ayon sa Center for Women’s Resources, at least 56 cops ang na-involve na sa abuses against women from July 2016 to October 2018.

Walang tigil ang pagbanat ni Tatay Digong mo sa simbahang Katolika — mula sa mga pari at obispo hanggang kay Pope, sa mga santo, at mismong sa Diyos. Gago raw at lasenggo ang mga santo, at istupido naman daw ang sinasamba nating Diyos. In a period of 6 months, mula December 2017 hanggang June 2018, tatlong pari na ang pinapatay habang ang isa ay severely injured, ayon sa CBCP. Sabi nga sa isang pastoral letter na inilabas ng Simbahan, “they are killing our flock, they are killing us, the shepherds, and they are killing our faith.”

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During the campaign pa lang, sinasabi na ni Tatay Digong mo na papayagan nya ang paglilibing sa bangkay ng diktador na si Ferdinand Marcos sa Libingan ng mga Bayani. Sa kabila ng malinaw na narrative ng kasaysayan na nagpapatunay sa pang-aabuso ng mga Marcoses sa kapangyarihan at sa pandarambong nila sa kaban ng bayan during their tyrannical rule, itinuturing ni Tatay Digong mo si Marcos na “best President ever” at pinupuri ang kanyang Martial Law. Ilang buwan pa lang sa Malacañang ang tatay mo noong Nov 2016 nang inilibing sa LNMB si Marcos sa pamamagitan ng isang tahimik at pasikretong seremonya. Ang mga statements nya rin ukol sa mga Marcoses ang nagpapalakas ng loob sa mga historical revisionists na patuloy na baluktutin ang kasaysayan at magpakalat ng kasinungalingan patungkol sa Martial Law. Ngayon, mahigit dalawang buwan na since inilabas ng Sandiganbayan ang verdict nito kaugnay ng graft charges against Imelda Marcos. She was found guilty of 7 counts of corruption. The involved amount is $200 million, at ang mga kaso were filed noong 1991 pa. We all know, however, na sa ilalim ni Duterte, hindi papayagang makulong ang biyuda ni Apo.

Paulit-ulit na sinasabi ni Tatay Digong mo during his campaign sorties na, should he get elected, he will release GMA. Barely a month after he stepped into the Palace, ibinasura ng Supreme Court ang kasong plunder against Congresswoman Arroyo. Kasabay ng pagpapalaya sa kanya from her hospital arrest ay ang pagbabasura nya rin sa kanyang wheelchair at neck brace. Two months after, pinalaya rin si Jinggoy Estrada sa bisa ng bail — this, despite the non-bailable nature of the plunder charges against him. Acquitted at pinalaya na rin si Bong Revilla. Kasalukuyang namamayagpag ngayon si GMA bilang House Speaker, samantalang ang tatlong ex-Senators na involved sa multibillion-peso pork barrel scam ay nag-file na ng kanilang COC para sa senatorial race next year.

Hindi maikakaila ang pagkiling ni Tatay Digong mo sa China. Sino ang makakalimot sa statement nyang, “There are now three of us against the world — China, Philippines and Russia”? At ang biro nyang, “If you want, just make us a province”? Under his administration, malakas ang loob na sinasakop ng China ang mga teritoryo natin sa West Philippine Sea. Nababaon tayo ngayon sa multibillion “friendly” loans sa China. Pinapaburan ang mga Chinese contractors na banned na sa ibang bansa due to unscrupulous business dealings and transactions. Malayang nakakapagtrabaho rito ang mahigit 3 million Chinese nationals na nagiging kakumpitensya pa ng di-mabilang na mga Pinoy na walang hanapbuhay. Nakakalusot sa BOC ang tone-toneladang illegal drugs at iba pang smuggled goods from China. Isa sa mga consultants ni Duterte ay Chinese. Madalas na may nagda-dock na Chinese military ship at nagla-land na Chinese aircraft sa Davao. Binu-bully sa WPS ang ating Navy at mga mangingisda. Ngayon, inaangkin na rin ng China ang ating Benham Rise. At naaprubahan na ang Chinese government-owned telecom company na mag-operate sa bansa. Ito ay posibleng maging malaking threat sa ating national security. Isang araw, magigising na lang tayo as the next Venezuela sa kamay ng mapanupil na China.

Ugali ni Tatay Digong mo ang labelling. Tinatawag niyang Dilawan ang kanyang mga kritiko, at Reds ang mga taga-suporta ng makakaliwang pwersa. Sa social media, paboritong target ng mga trolls at DDS ang mga “dilawan.” Samantala, because of redtagging, marami nang human rights advocates ang pinapatay. According to the National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers (NUPL), si Atty. Ben Ramos, isang kilalang human rights lawyer at peasant advocate, ang 34th lawyer killed under this administration.

Kilala si Tatay Digong mo for consistently lambasting media outfits for their critical reporting. Binabantaan nya ang mga ito with “exposés,” investigations and legal cases, coverage ban, at possible shutdown. As a result, napilitang ibenta ng Prieto family ang kanilang majority stake sa Philippine Daily Inquirer kay Ramon Ang, kilalang malapit na kaibigan at campaign contributor ni Duterte. Ang Rappler ay patuloy na ginigipit hanggang ngayon, samantalang ang ABS-CBN ay tinatakot na hindi bibigyan ng renewal of franchise kapag ito ay nag-expire in 2020. Tinutuya rin ng mga DDS at trolls ang mga myembro ng media na “presstitutes.” Sa kasalukuyan, 12 journalists na ang pinapatay sa ilalim ng rehimeng Duterte, ayon sa NUJP.

Alam nating lahat na marami sa mga political supporters at campaign contributors ni Tatay Digong mo ang binigyan nya ng mga posisyon o meaty contracts sa gobyerno. Marami ang na-bypass na career officials, at karamihan sa mga appointees nya ay kulang sa karanasan, abilidad, at credentials. Recently, “pabirong” nag-issue ng warning si Tatay Digong mo sa mga local officials sa Bicol na hindi bibigyan ng suportang pinansyal kung hindi nila susuportahan ang kandidatura nina Bong Go, Bato Dela Rosa, at Francis Tolentino. Kung ang pinakamataas na lider ng bansa ay walang pakundangan sa pagpa-practice ng patronage politics, ano ang dapat nating asahan sa local at barangay levels? Dapat nga kasi, leadership by example ang pinapairal. Di ba?

Paano maipatutupad sa bansa ang anti-political dynasty law kung mismong pamilya ni Tatay Digong mo ay mga political dynasts? Paano siya paniniwalaang seryoso sa kanyang anti-corruption campaign kung pinakawalan nya ang mga plunderers, nananahimik siya sa mga appointees nyang involved sa mga anomalya, at ipinu-promote niya ang mga kaalyado nyang nalusutan o nagpalusot ng tone-toneladang shabu sa Customs? Paano nya oobligahin ang mga government employees na maging competent sa kanilang trabaho kung nagpa-power nap lang siya sa mga pandaigdigang pagtitipon? Paano siya paniniwalaan that he hates the oligarchs kung nakikita natin siya rubbing elbows with the Marcoses, the Ejercito-Estradas, the Binays, the Enriles, and the Arroyos, at pinapaburan o nage-engage in out-of-court settlements with his campaign contributors na gaya nina Dennis Uy (Phoenix), Alexander Wongchuking (Mighty Corp.), Lucio Tan, Janet Napoles, at Manny Pacquiao?

Sa two and a half years na pamumuno ni Tatay Digong mo, he is able to effectively polarize the nation. Niyayakap na ngayon ng mga mamamayan ang cultures of hate, violence, and fear. Dahil sa kanyang crude speech, notoriety, mediocrity, at incompetence, nagiging laughing stock na tayo ng buong mundo. Our moral values have deteriorated and our moral fiber as Filipinos is now corrupted. Naghahari na sa karamihan sa atin ang kawalan ng respeto, ng dignidad, ng integridad, ng disiplina, at ng moralidad. Bilang lipunan, nawawala na ang ating moral compass.

Ngayon, sa dinami-rami ng mga patunay, hindi ka pa rin ba naniniwalang ENABLER si Tatay Digong mo?