An Open Letter to VP Leni Robredo

Dear VP Leni Robredo,

Congratulations! With just the perfect combination of wit and sarcasm, you were able to effectively burn Bongbong Marcos up!

Of all people nga naman kasi, why would he have the audacity to talk about cheating, and to claim that he has been robbed of the vice presidency? Sino ba ang may mahabang history ng panloloko at pagnanakaw? Sino ba ang may reputation of producing fake diplomas and of instigating historical revisionism and the spread of fake news? Sino ba ang nagmula sa pamilya ng unrepentant liars, plunderers and cheaters?

We are sure na hindi ikaw ‘yun, VP Leni.

With a seemingly innocent question, you also managed to reveal for everyone to see his utter stupidity.

“Why didn’t he pick those (Maguindanao, Lanao del Sur and Basilan) for his pilot provinces, in the first place?” Apparently po, VP Leni, nobody explained to him the significance of choosing the right pilot provinces –that those are supposed to best exemplify the frauds or irregularities alleged in his petition; that the result of the recount on those pilot provinces would determine if PET would proceed with or dismiss his protest.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have picked Camarines Sur, Iloilo and Negros Oriental.

But since he did, mas lalo niya lang napatunayan sa sambayanan ang kanyang pagkatalo when, after the recount, revision and re-appreciation proceedings, your lead even grew by as much as 15,000 votes! More importantly, he failed to ensure a significant vote recovery.

On September 9, Justice Caguioa submitted to the en banc his report on the concluded recount. More than a month has already passed but the SC has yet to act on that report.

Itong issue ng unresolved electoral protest na ito ang ginagamit ni Bongbong to further sow and propagate lies, and to cast doubt in our people’s minds about the legitimacy of your vice presidency. This is precisely the reason why the Supreme Court, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, should already resolve the issue of Bongbong’s electoral protest with finality. And, if they are to issue a decision in accordance with their own rule, specifically PET’s Rule 65, our honorable Magistrates should have already issued an outright dismissal of that said protest after they received Justice Caguioa’s report.

Grabbed from Bong Banal’s Facebook wall

So, aside from the glaring fact that it is the right, fair and lawful thing to do, why do we need to insist to our Justices to dismiss Bongbong’s electoral protest?

First, because the dismissal is the affirmation of your constitutional mandate – the affirmation that YOU have been robbed of for more than three years now. Ikaw, VP Leni, ang ninakawan ni Bongbong Marcos with his preposterous lies, fishing expedition and grand illusion.

Second, because the dismissal would effectively put a closure to all this time-squandering nonsense, and we can all finally focus our undivided attention, time and energy to more productive and meaningful endeavors such as our fight for the West Philippine Sea and against the gross corruption in government and the fake War on Drugs.

And, third, because, once and for all, our Magistrates would be able to prove that their decision is not for sale, that their integrity remains intact, and that they continue to be the best interpreters and final arbiters of the laws.

So, if we were you, VP Leni, we won’t worry our pretty little heads if the composition of the current Supreme Court is a little, well, worrisome — that 8 of its 14 Justices are Duterte appointees; that Justice Bersamin, a Duterte-appointed Chief Justice, and Justice Peralta, a GMA appointee, have both voted for the hero’s burial for Ferdinand Marcos, the acquittal of GMA for plunder, the arrest and detention of Sen. De Lima, the constitutionality of Martial Law in Mindanao, and the ouster via quo warranto of CJ Sereno; and that Justice Carpio, one of the three remaining Justices that truly deserve the title “Honorable,” is set to retire on October 26 and will be replaced by yet another Duterte appointee.

Yes, the odds may be stacked against us but let us not lose hope.

Let us hope that our Justices will all heed Justice Leonen’s tacit challenge, “Your children and grandchildren will ask you: during the darks days that you have lived, why did you not have the courage to do the right thing?” Let us hope that they will all choose to be on the right side of history. Let us hope that they will fearlessly stand for what is right, fair and lawful.

That’s all for now, VP Leni. Goodluck to you!

Laging nananalangin at umaasa para sa iyo,

Ang Taumbayan

An Open Letter to Bongbong Marcos

Dear Bongbong Marcos,

Grabeng pagnanakaw na ang ginawa ng pamilya ninyo nang kayo pa ang mga diktador na nakaupo sa Malacañang. Nang bumalik kayo mula sa Hawaii, grabeng pagnanakaw na naman ang ginawa ninyo sa Ilocos. Nang naging senador ka, grabeng pagnanakaw pa rin ang ginawa mo sa iyong pork barrel.

Ngayon, pati ang Vice Presidency, gusto mong nakawin?!!!

Kahit gaano man karami ang pera ninyo, na kasama pa rin sa kayamanang nakulimbat ng inyong pamilya sa kaban ng bayan, dapat mo nang itigil ang kahibangang ito!

Tapos na ang recount sa tatlong pilot provinces na ikaw mismo ang namili. At matapos ang nasabing recount, mas tumaas pa ang bilang ng mga boto para kay VP Leni. Mas lumaki pa ang lamang n’ya sa iyo.

Ayon po sa rules ng Presidential Electoral Tribunal, sa ganung pagkakataon na walang nakuhang substantial recovery ang nagrereklamo, marapat na ipag-utos na nito ang dismissal o pagbasura sa nasabing electoral protest.

Pero, knowing you and your family, you won’t let that happen without a fight, di po ba? Or, to put it more bluntly, you won’t let that happen without pulling some strings using your considerable wealth.

Hindi ko talaga alam kung saan ninyo nakukuha ang kakapalan ng mukha ninyo!

Dapat ka nang mag-move on, Sir.
Dapat mo nang tanggapin ang iyong pagkatalo.
Dapat mo nang pakinggan ang boses at hatol ng taumbayan.

Si Leni Robredo ang aming –ang ating!– totoong VP!

Si Leni Robredo ang tinig ng mamamayan, lalo na ng mga nasa laylayan!

Si Leni Robredo ang nag-iisa at lihitimong Bise Presidente ng Pilipinas, at wala nang iba pa!

That’s all for now, Bongbong. Goodluck to you!

Nanggigigil sa pamilya nyo,
Ang Taumbayan