Dear Tatay Digs,

Malaki talaga ang galit at takot mo of powerful, assertive and smart women, ano po? From Sen. Leila, former CJ Sereno, Maria Ressa, and Ombudsman Carpio-Morales to Sen. Risa, UN Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard, ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, pati na rin si Sister Patricia Fox — all of them experienced being on the receiving end of your infamous misogynistic and sexist remarks.

Ngayon, it’s VP Leni’s turn. For the nth time.

If you don’t really trust her, like what you said, bakit ninyo siya in-appoint to that sensitive position, in the first place? Ah, oo nga pala, you just did so dahil napikon ka sa kanya for calling your drug war a failure. And because you didn’t expect that she would accept your offer/challenge/bait.

Una po, Tatay Digs, VP Leni only mimicked your early statement about the failure of your much-touted drug war. So why did you take offense when the VP said that it is obviously not working?

Pangalawa po, prior to her appointment, you said, and I quote, “The moment she accepts…Anything that has to do with drugs and criminality, you ask her. I will appoint. Let’s see. I won’t interfere anymore.”

So, ano ang tawag sa ginagawa mo ngayon if that is not interfering? Full cooperation?

Pangatlo, ano po ang masama sa paghingi ni VP Leni ng list of High-Value Targets if she deems it necessary to ensure the arrest of the big-time drug personalities and drug lords? Unfair nga naman po kasi kung puro small-time drug peddlers at users lang ang mapaparusahan through tokhang, di ba?

Spox Panelo said before that Malacañang has no problem giving VP Leni access to intelligence reports on the drug war because those records are “open.” Na wala naman daw itinatago ang pamahalaan. He also said that, as ICAD co-chair, VP Leni will become the “boss” of the law enforcement agencies tasked to curb the drug menace. “She can do what she wants, and she will have the support of the entire members of the Cabinet, as well as the agencies under her.” Talaga lang po, ha?


Pang-apat, bakit masyado yata kayong triggered sa pagri-request ni VP Leni for that list? May gusto po ba kayong protektahan? Kayo nga dati, kahit unverified, inilalabas mo sa media ang narco lists at drug matrices, di ba?

According to Sen. Lacson, the VP, as the country’s anti-drug czar and the second-highest official of the land, should have access to that controversial list. In fact, she should have the necessary security clearance.

Also, according to EO No. 34, her position as Vice President entitles her to a seat to the National Security Council. Thus, she does not need a Cabinet position or your permission, for that matter, to have access to such information.

Panglima po, you said that you can’t trust VP Leni because she is from the other side of the political fence. Sabagay, you’d rather trust the likes of Faeldon, Albayalde, Lapeña, the Marcoses, the Arroyos, Estrada, Revilla, pati na rin si Quiboloy, at marami pang iba, di po ba?

Pang-anim, you said that you’re afraid that she will use that information to jeopardize the security of the state.

Patawa ka talaga, Tatay Digs.

Di ba, ikaw nga ang tahasang nagbibenta ng bansa natin sa China? You allowed the unrestricted entry of Chinese nationals, businesses, gambling operations, unscrupulous contractors, onerous deals and “friendly” loans, overpaid workers that don’t pay taxes, smuggled goods, tons of shabu, bullying of our fishermen and coastguard, oil and gas explorations of our marine areas, telecom company that is potentially a threat to our security, island-grabbing, black sand mining, giant clam harvesting, at kung ano-ano pang mga illegal activities.

Ikaw ang tunay na traydor sa bayan, Tatay Digs. Licking the ass of Xi Jinping is your favorite pastime nga, di ba? Kaya, sana, don’t you dare point a finger at VP Leni. Psychological projection ang tawag sa ginagawa mong ‘yan.

Lastly, when you issued VP Leni a threat in case her mouth misbehaves, I almost fell off my chair and rolled on the floor laughing. Nahiya po ako bigla sa iyong filthy, lying and uncontrollable mouth, Tatay Digs. Talagang ikaw pa ang pupuna sa bibig ng iba? Ibang klase ka talaga!

Next time you go AWOL again, try to reflect din po, ha? At, paminsan-minsan, makikinig ka rin sa pamangkin mo. 😉

Natatawa sa iyo at sa iyong mga minions,

Ang Taumbayan


When VP Leni critized his fake drug war, and certain that she will not accept his offer, Duterte appointed her to be a drug czar. It was a challenge which was meant to mock her.

“Okay, you have many ideas I’ll appoint you to be the drug czar.”

When VP Leni unexpectedly accepted the appointment, and to show everyone that he is a good appointing officer, Duterte promised her a Cabinet seat and his full support. But before the VP could even start, Duterte’s minions and sycophants bombarded her with hateful remarks and statements undermining her capabilities.

“I will swear her in as a Cabinet member so that she will have the authority.”

Bong Go: Ibi-baby lang ni VP Leni ang mga drug lords.

Bato dela Rosa: Hindi pwedeng magpacute-cute lang si VP Leni sa giyerang ito.

Alan Peter Cayetano: VP Leni is starting on the wrong mouth. She has turned Operation Tokhang into Operation All-Talk.

When VP Leni started to work with utmost diligence that her sensitive position required, even recommending to other ICAD members to rethink their campaign to avoid the senseless killings, and meeting with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, the US Embassy officers, the Church, and other institutions and groups that have been critical of the drug-related killings, Duterte said that he didnt trust the VP. Said statement was apparently triggered by the erroneous info he received that VP Leni invited UN to investigate the drug war.

“And I am sorry because I said you only realize that it is false news when the news comes out.”

When VP Leni asked for the list of the High-Value Targets, all hell broke loose. Duterte and his minions panicked.

“Vice President Leni Robredo is a ‘scatterbrain’ with ‘kneejerk’ impulses whom I would not appoint to the Cabinet and entrust with sensitive information about the state. She might use that information to jeopardize the security of the state”

No need for VP Leni to have access to high-value target list. – PDEA Chief Aaron Aquino, PNP OIC Archie Gamboa, House Committee on Dangerous Drugs chair Robert Ace Barbers, Senate Pres. Tito Sotto

When VP Leni remained unaffected by all the bullying that she had been relentlessly subjected to, and it was apparent that she was getting all the attention and praises over the re-directed drug war, Duterte, like a petulant child, fired her.

“I have yet to see the Vice President working as an ICAD or ICAD chair, co-chair, and there is a product of their discussion.”

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Spox Salvador Panelo is now weaving all kinds of lies to justify his master’s unjustifiable decision to give VP Leni the ax.

VP Leni is allegedly incompetent. Apparently, the Palace has a different definition of the word. Competence for them defines the likes of Faeldon, Lapeña, Uson, Albayalde and, now, the two “rising stars in Philippine politics,” Bong Go and Phisgoc’s Alan Peter Cayetano.

VP Leni allegedly committed missteps. If redirecting the drug war down the path devoid of senseless killings, and demanding for the list of drug lords who she wished to run after are considered missteps, then so be it.

VP Leni was allegedly grandstanding. The Palace should have realized that the position they gave the VP and the circumstances surrounding it were virtually magnets for attention. It was hardly VP Leni’s fault that the media were constantly tailing her, curious as to how far she’d be allowed to run the show.

She was allegedly weighed but found wanting. This may be true because the qualities they are looking for in their appointees –obedience, docility, and the ability to look the other way– can never be found in VP Leni.

Everyone knows that VP Leni was not fired due to any of those reasons.
She was fired –and appointed– for one reason, and one reason alone. Politics.


Two days before President Duterte is set to deliver his 4th State of the Nation Address (SONA), more than 40 mostly young people participated in a meaningful discourse to discuss the state of the nation “from the lens of the Filipino youth.”

Through the initiative of Rappler’s MovePH, in partnership with Dakila #WeTheFuturePH, most important issues affecting the lives of ordinary Filipinos – labor rights, environment and climate justice, press freedom and freedom of information (FOI), road safety and transportation, gender equality, and education – were tackled in a huddle called “SO ano NA?”.

photo credit to Move.PH

Among the interactive activities prepared for the participants was to describe the country’s current state in one word. The most interesting answers included crisis, precarious, shit, pathetic, lost, abhorrent, impunity, bullshit, joke, grim, and wasak.

The second activity involved Mentimeter, Rappler’s mood meter, and seven attention-grabbing headlines that the online news website had released recently. The aim was to feel the pulse of the participants when the following headlines were shown on the screen:

  • PH among worst countries for workers – global index
  • This March 2019, the youth of Negros successfully campaigned towards a coal-free Negros
  • 14 media practitioners have been killed, and 128 cases reported of attacks and threats during the Duterte administration
  • Over 10,000 road-related deaths have been counted since 2016, with the most frequent victims – youth aged 20-24
  • 70,000 strong tayo, mga mahal! #ResistTogether
  • Kolateral is a 12-track album featuring various Filipino artists, where each track is backed by real data and narratives on the Philippine Drug War
  • Deped orders temporary closure of 55 Lumad schools in Davao region


After each headline was flashed, the participants were asked to click any of the eight moods to see which emotions the particular story was able to evoke from the group. Thankfully, nobody showed apathy to any of the headlines by clicking the emoticon for “don’t care”.

The third and last interactive activity required the participants to group themselves into five (all had to come from different groups/advocacies) and submit a presentation of their consolidated vision for the next three years, complete with specific and feasible solutions to the key issues plaguing the country today. That particular activity proved to be the most challenging one considering the limited time allotted to the groups to come up with a decent presentation and discuss the same in front of everyone – not to mention that that task had to be accomplished by collaborating with virtually complete strangers. The participants, however, were able to demonstrate their exemplary ability to rise to the challenge.

Based on their presentations, most of the country’s problems basically boil down to lack of education, discipline, and involvement. Thus, their proposed solutions were aligned with efforts and initiatives to ally themselves with individuals of the same advocacy, to educate communities and target groups on various key issues, to lobby and pressure the power wielders to genuinely represent and work for the interests of the majority, and to initiate the changes they want to see in society from the most basic level –  themselves.

The huddle, which was held right in the newsroom of Rappler, was an engaging and fruitful endeavor, so much so that a mere two hours was not enough to discuss each and every topic as extensively as each rightfully warranted. So, hopefully, Rappler and their partner organizations will continue to come up with lengthier activities of the same kind that will be participated in by more people of various orientations, and will give birth to ideas that will translate into progressive, sustainable and inclusive actions.



A friend messaged me today. Mas okay daw ang mga fb posts ko dati noong puro about family, parenthood, marriage at nakakatuwang mga kwento ang isini-share ko. Tigilan ko na raw kasi ang politika. Kung hindi, dadami lang daw ang wrinkles (at kaaway!) ko.

Ang sagot ko sa kanya?

Bes, nami-miss ko na rin ang time when I was always inspired to write and share articles about the joys of being a mom, a wife and a woman. Nami-miss ko na ang panahon when days would pass by na walang malaking ganap sa paligid natin. Nami-miss ko na ang pakiramdam na paggising sa umaga, I wouldn’t have to wonder with dread, “Ano na naman kaya ang mga mangyayari today na hindi kagandahan?”

Ngayon kasi, bes, the time demands na magbasa, magsulat at mag-share tayo para makapagmulat ng mga kababayan natin na walang alam, walang pakialam, o pinipili pa rin ang maniwala sa mga kasinungalingan.

Look around us.

Tuloy-tuloy pa rin ang pagpatay in the name of a fake drug war.

Wala pang nahuhuling drug lords. Yung mga umamin, pinakawalan. Yung mga convicted, ginawang witnesses laban kay Sen. De Lima, at pinawalang-sala.

Bilyun-bilyong halaga ng droga ang hinahayaang makapasok sa bansa.


Ang mga mahihirap, lalong napapahirapan dahil sa TRAIN law.

Bagsak ang ekonomiya natin.

Mahal ang mga bilihin.

Ang mga trabahong dapat nakalaan sa mga Pilipino, sa mga Tsino ibinibigay. Kaya ang mga OFWs, patuloy na nagpapaalipin at naaabuso sa ibang bayan.


Mas grabe ngayon ang korapsyon sa gobyerno. Harapan at walang pakundangan. Nariyan ang magkakapatid na Tulfo, sina Lapeña at Faeldon, si former DOJ Sec. Aguirre, si Bong Go at ang pamilya nya, si Solgen Calida, ang mga Villar, ang pamilya ni Sec. Diokno, ang mga Konggresista with their budget insertions, at marami pang iba.


Tinatakot at pilit na pinapatahimik ang mga personalidad at institusyon na lumalaban sa mga abuses ng administrasyong ito. Binabaluktok nila ang batas, at ginagawang tama ang mali at mali ang tama.


Pinipilit baguhin ng ating mga politiko ang Saligang Batas upang maproteksyunan nila ang kanilang pangsariling interes.


Ang mga kilalang plunderers, pinalaya na at ngayon ay mga kumakandidato para makabalik sa kapangyarihan. Habang ang mga batang paslit, gusto nilang gawing criminally liable at makulong kapag lumabag sa batas.


At ang mga teritoryo natin sa West Philippine Sea? Hayun, pinapabayaang kamkamin ng China. Bes, ilang taong ipinaglaban ‘yun ng Pilipinas sa The Hague. Naipanalo na natin ‘yun. Pero ngayon ay isinusuko ng administrasyong ito ang ating karapatan at pinapayagang i-harass ang ating mga mangingisda sa ating sariling katubigan.


And that poor excuse of a man na nakaupo sa Malacañang? Wala siyang ginagawa kundi bigyan ng kahihiyan ang Office of the Philippine President that he should be representing! Ang mga ipinagmamalaki niya lang na accomplishments ay ang kanyang mga fake wars.

Fake war against illegal drugs.

Fake war against corruption.

Fake war against poverty.

Fake war against oligarchs.

Fake war against incompetence.


Ngayon, bes, sabihin mo sa akin. Dapat ba akong manahimik? Baka naman panahon na para imulat mo ang iyong mga mata, pakinggan ang hinaing ng mga kababayan nating namatayan at naghihirap, at gamitin ang iyong boses upang kundinahin ang mga hindi makatao at hindi maka-Pilipinong nangyayari sa bayan natin.

Samahan mo kami, Bes.

Make a stand.

The way I see it, laban na ito ng mga tunay na nagmamahal at nagmamalasakit sa bayan versus mga traydor sa bayan. So, ang laban namin ay laban nating lahat. At kailangan nating maipanalo ang labang ito.

Bago pa mahuli ang lahat.


A lot of people are asking, “Ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng enabler?” “Bakit ninyo inaakusahan si Tatay Digong na isang enabler?” “Bakit isinisisi nyo yata sa kanya ang halos lahat ng mga hindi magagandang nangyayari ngayon sa bansa natin?”

Ganito kasi ‘yun.

Kapag ang Tatay mo ay nagsasawalang-kibo, nagkikibit-balikat, o nagbubulag-bulagan kapag may ginawa kang kasalanan; kung siya ay natatawa o dinidipensahan at binibigyan ka pa ng reward kapag ikaw ay isinusumbong sa kanya ng iyong kapatid; or worst, kung siya mismo ang nag-uudyok sa iyo na gumawa ng mali; masasabi nating “enabler” ang Tatay mo.

Masahol pa siya sa kunsintidor dahil nagbubuyo at nangkakayag pa siya tungo sa tiwali at maling daan.

Ang Tatay Digong mo, sa simula pa lang, ay inencourage na ang mga pulis, pati na rin tayong mga sibilyan, to “go ahead and kill drug addicts.” Ano ang naging resulta? Kaliwa’t kanan ang naging pagpatay sa mga suspected drug users —hindi lang ng mga pulis during legitimate police operations, kundi maging ng mga riding-in-tandem vigilantes, hitmen, at scalawags. Since he took office in July 2016, nasa 27,000 drug-related killings na ang naitatala sa bansa, ayon sa CHR.

Nag-release si Tatay Digong mo ng list of government officials na di-umano ay involved sa drugs, without filing a single case before the court nor presenting any clear and substantial evidence. Sa ngayon, 12 Mayors at 6 Vice-Mayors na ang pinapatay since Duterte won the presidency.

Winarningan ni Tatay Digong mo ang mga magbubukid against occupying unused and barren lands. Nagbanta pa nga siya na babarilin sila kapag sumuway sa kanya. Ayon sa Unyon ng Manggagawa sa Agrikultura (UMA), 172 farmers na ang pinapatay sa ilalim ng administrasyong ito. Mostly, ang mga biktima ay mga magbubukid na nagtatanim ng mga gulay, prutas, at root crops sa mga lupang nakatiwangwang lang during Tiempo Muerto (o yung panahon na wala silang trabaho dahil sa dead season) upang may maipakain sila sa kanilang mga pamilya.

Sa simula pa lang, ipinakita na ni Tatay Digong mo sa kaniyang mga salita at gawa, kung gaano kaliit ang tingin nya sa mga babae. Grabe ang pambabastos at pambabalahura nya sa mga anak ni Eba —mula sa rape jokes, catcalling, taking pride in his womanizing, paghalik sa female supporters nya in public, degrading women and belittling their competence and capability, pagsasabing foreign women have a queer odor, equating women’s usefulness to their vagina, pagmamalaki na minomolestiya niya dati ang kanilang kasambahay, at kung anu-ano pang kahalayan. Ang mga sipsip sa gobyerno, syempre pa, ay magpapa-impress. Follow the leader kasi ang peg nila. Kaya naglipana ang mga sexists, misogynists, bigots at chauvinistic pigs ngayon, pati na rin ang kanilang mga apologists. Nandyan sina Salvador Panelo, Vit Aguirre, Harry Roque, Martin Andanar, Pantaleon Alvarez, Reynaldo Umali, Manny Pacquiao, Tito Sotto, mga pro-admin bloggers, at marami pang iba.

Iniutos ni Tatay Digong mo sa ating mga sundalo na, if they should encounter female insurgents, dapat barilin nila ang mga ito sa vagina. Pwede rin daw silang mang-rape, at sasagutin niya hanggang tatlo. Sa mga pronouncements na ‘yun, he openly encouraged violence against women. Ayon sa Center for Women’s Resources, at least 56 cops ang na-involve na sa abuses against women from July 2016 to October 2018.

Walang tigil ang pagbanat ni Tatay Digong mo sa simbahang Katolika — mula sa mga pari at obispo hanggang kay Pope, sa mga santo, at mismong sa Diyos. Gago raw at lasenggo ang mga santo, at istupido naman daw ang sinasamba nating Diyos. In a period of 6 months, mula December 2017 hanggang June 2018, tatlong pari na ang pinapatay habang ang isa ay severely injured, ayon sa CBCP. Sabi nga sa isang pastoral letter na inilabas ng Simbahan, “they are killing our flock, they are killing us, the shepherds, and they are killing our faith.”

Photo credit to the owner

During the campaign pa lang, sinasabi na ni Tatay Digong mo na papayagan nya ang paglilibing sa bangkay ng diktador na si Ferdinand Marcos sa Libingan ng mga Bayani. Sa kabila ng malinaw na narrative ng kasaysayan na nagpapatunay sa pang-aabuso ng mga Marcoses sa kapangyarihan at sa pandarambong nila sa kaban ng bayan during their tyrannical rule, itinuturing ni Tatay Digong mo si Marcos na “best President ever” at pinupuri ang kanyang Martial Law. Ilang buwan pa lang sa Malacañang ang tatay mo noong Nov 2016 nang inilibing sa LNMB si Marcos sa pamamagitan ng isang tahimik at pasikretong seremonya. Ang mga statements nya rin ukol sa mga Marcoses ang nagpapalakas ng loob sa mga historical revisionists na patuloy na baluktutin ang kasaysayan at magpakalat ng kasinungalingan patungkol sa Martial Law. Ngayon, mahigit dalawang buwan na since inilabas ng Sandiganbayan ang verdict nito kaugnay ng graft charges against Imelda Marcos. She was found guilty of 7 counts of corruption. The involved amount is $200 million, at ang mga kaso were filed noong 1991 pa. We all know, however, na sa ilalim ni Duterte, hindi papayagang makulong ang biyuda ni Apo.

Paulit-ulit na sinasabi ni Tatay Digong mo during his campaign sorties na, should he get elected, he will release GMA. Barely a month after he stepped into the Palace, ibinasura ng Supreme Court ang kasong plunder against Congresswoman Arroyo. Kasabay ng pagpapalaya sa kanya from her hospital arrest ay ang pagbabasura nya rin sa kanyang wheelchair at neck brace. Two months after, pinalaya rin si Jinggoy Estrada sa bisa ng bail — this, despite the non-bailable nature of the plunder charges against him. Acquitted at pinalaya na rin si Bong Revilla. Kasalukuyang namamayagpag ngayon si GMA bilang House Speaker, samantalang ang tatlong ex-Senators na involved sa multibillion-peso pork barrel scam ay nag-file na ng kanilang COC para sa senatorial race next year.

Hindi maikakaila ang pagkiling ni Tatay Digong mo sa China. Sino ang makakalimot sa statement nyang, “There are now three of us against the world — China, Philippines and Russia”? At ang biro nyang, “If you want, just make us a province”? Under his administration, malakas ang loob na sinasakop ng China ang mga teritoryo natin sa West Philippine Sea. Nababaon tayo ngayon sa multibillion “friendly” loans sa China. Pinapaburan ang mga Chinese contractors na banned na sa ibang bansa due to unscrupulous business dealings and transactions. Malayang nakakapagtrabaho rito ang mahigit 3 million Chinese nationals na nagiging kakumpitensya pa ng di-mabilang na mga Pinoy na walang hanapbuhay. Nakakalusot sa BOC ang tone-toneladang illegal drugs at iba pang smuggled goods from China. Isa sa mga consultants ni Duterte ay Chinese. Madalas na may nagda-dock na Chinese military ship at nagla-land na Chinese aircraft sa Davao. Binu-bully sa WPS ang ating Navy at mga mangingisda. Ngayon, inaangkin na rin ng China ang ating Benham Rise. At naaprubahan na ang Chinese government-owned telecom company na mag-operate sa bansa. Ito ay posibleng maging malaking threat sa ating national security. Isang araw, magigising na lang tayo as the next Venezuela sa kamay ng mapanupil na China.

Ugali ni Tatay Digong mo ang labelling. Tinatawag niyang Dilawan ang kanyang mga kritiko, at Reds ang mga taga-suporta ng makakaliwang pwersa. Sa social media, paboritong target ng mga trolls at DDS ang mga “dilawan.” Samantala, because of redtagging, marami nang human rights advocates ang pinapatay. According to the National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers (NUPL), si Atty. Ben Ramos, isang kilalang human rights lawyer at peasant advocate, ang 34th lawyer killed under this administration.

Kilala si Tatay Digong mo for consistently lambasting media outfits for their critical reporting. Binabantaan nya ang mga ito with “exposés,” investigations and legal cases, coverage ban, at possible shutdown. As a result, napilitang ibenta ng Prieto family ang kanilang majority stake sa Philippine Daily Inquirer kay Ramon Ang, kilalang malapit na kaibigan at campaign contributor ni Duterte. Ang Rappler ay patuloy na ginigipit hanggang ngayon, samantalang ang ABS-CBN ay tinatakot na hindi bibigyan ng renewal of franchise kapag ito ay nag-expire in 2020. Tinutuya rin ng mga DDS at trolls ang mga myembro ng media na “presstitutes.” Sa kasalukuyan, 12 journalists na ang pinapatay sa ilalim ng rehimeng Duterte, ayon sa NUJP.

Alam nating lahat na marami sa mga political supporters at campaign contributors ni Tatay Digong mo ang binigyan nya ng mga posisyon o meaty contracts sa gobyerno. Marami ang na-bypass na career officials, at karamihan sa mga appointees nya ay kulang sa karanasan, abilidad, at credentials. Recently, “pabirong” nag-issue ng warning si Tatay Digong mo sa mga local officials sa Bicol na hindi bibigyan ng suportang pinansyal kung hindi nila susuportahan ang kandidatura nina Bong Go, Bato Dela Rosa, at Francis Tolentino. Kung ang pinakamataas na lider ng bansa ay walang pakundangan sa pagpa-practice ng patronage politics, ano ang dapat nating asahan sa local at barangay levels? Dapat nga kasi, leadership by example ang pinapairal. Di ba?

Paano maipatutupad sa bansa ang anti-political dynasty law kung mismong pamilya ni Tatay Digong mo ay mga political dynasts? Paano siya paniniwalaang seryoso sa kanyang anti-corruption campaign kung pinakawalan nya ang mga plunderers, nananahimik siya sa mga appointees nyang involved sa mga anomalya, at ipinu-promote niya ang mga kaalyado nyang nalusutan o nagpalusot ng tone-toneladang shabu sa Customs? Paano nya oobligahin ang mga government employees na maging competent sa kanilang trabaho kung nagpa-power nap lang siya sa mga pandaigdigang pagtitipon? Paano siya paniniwalaan that he hates the oligarchs kung nakikita natin siya rubbing elbows with the Marcoses, the Ejercito-Estradas, the Binays, the Enriles, and the Arroyos, at pinapaburan o nage-engage in out-of-court settlements with his campaign contributors na gaya nina Dennis Uy (Phoenix), Alexander Wongchuking (Mighty Corp.), Lucio Tan, Janet Napoles, at Manny Pacquiao?

Sa two and a half years na pamumuno ni Tatay Digong mo, he is able to effectively polarize the nation. Niyayakap na ngayon ng mga mamamayan ang cultures of hate, violence, and fear. Dahil sa kanyang crude speech, notoriety, mediocrity, at incompetence, nagiging laughing stock na tayo ng buong mundo. Our moral values have deteriorated and our moral fiber as Filipinos is now corrupted. Naghahari na sa karamihan sa atin ang kawalan ng respeto, ng dignidad, ng integridad, ng disiplina, at ng moralidad. Bilang lipunan, nawawala na ang ating moral compass.

Ngayon, sa dinami-rami ng mga patunay, hindi ka pa rin ba naniniwalang ENABLER si Tatay Digong mo?


“I have asked myself many times: Is the Filipino worth suffering, or even dying, for? Is he not a coward who would readily yield to any colonizer, be he foreign or homegrown? Is a Filipino more comfortable under an authoritarian leader because he does not want to be burdened with the freedom of choice? Is he unprepared, or worse, ill-suited for presidential or parliamentary democracy?

I have carefully weighed the virtues and the faults of the Filipino, and I have come to the conclusion that he is worth dying for…..” –Ninoy Aquino

August 21, 1983: Ninoy’s Homecoming and Death

He didn’t know exactly what awaited him in the Philippines once he gets home.

There was the possibility of his plane getting ordered to turn around. Or house/hospital arrest. Or imprisonment. Or even death. Yet, fully aware of the potential danger that his decision entailed, and against the advice of relatives, friends, and well-meaning political colleagues, he still returned to the Philippines — the only country he considered home. He used to tell his wife, Cory, that he had “always wanted to die for our country,” so if the government would have him killed, “that’s the best thing that would happen to me.”

Ferdinand Marcos was seriously ill, the economy was in shambles, insurgency was becoming a major problem, and the cronies were fighting among themselves like ravenous vultures. Moreover, the opposition was fragmented. Ninoy Aquino, the Wonder Boy of Philippine politics, felt the urgent need to go back home after three years of self-exile in the US. Fearing that a military takeover or armed conflict would ensue should the strongman die or rendered incapacitated by his illness, Ninoy wanted to talk to Marcos, believing that he could somehow convince the latter to restore democracy in the country. (Marcos already ended Martial Law two years prior, but according to Ninoy, ”Without dismantling the apparatus of dictatorship, the lifting of martial law is [just] a cruel deception.”)

Ninoy was warned countless times — by government emissaries, by Gen. Fabian Ver, and by Imelda Marcos herself — that there were intelligence reports of assassination plots against him. Thinking that it was just a desperate ploy to dissuade him from returning to his beloved homeland, he went on with his plan.

I could have opted to seek political asylum in America, but I feel it is my duty, as it is the duty of every Filipino, to suffer with his people especially in time of crisis,” he was quoted as saying. He added, “I will never be able to forgive myself if I have to live with the knowledge that I could have done something and I did not do anything.”

Fraternity brothers, Ninoy and Marcos were longtime political opponents, archrivals, bitter foes. Ninoy was the bane of Marcos’ existence, the thorn in his side, his political nemesis, and the greatest threat to his insatiable greed for power. Fearlessly outspoken, Ninoy was known for his legendary charisma, the gifts of gab and eloquence, his brilliance, and his indomitable spirit. Since he became Senator in 1967, he would grab every available opportunity to speak out against Marcos’ authoritarian rule. He was relentless in exposing the Marcoses’ plunder of government coffers, their lavish lifestyle, and their numerous excesses and abuses. He was the most dauntless, staunchest, and most vocal critic of the Marcoses and their cronies.

When Marcos declared Martial Law in 1972, in an apparent effort to suppress the growing opposition and to legitimize his extended rule, Ninoy was among the first personalities that he ordered arrested and jailed. He was sentenced to death by the military tribunal based on trumped-up charges of illegal possession of firearms, murder, and subversion.  In 1980, after 7 years and 7 months of imprisonment, he was allowed to fly to the US to undergo triple-bypass heart surgery. After a successful operation, he proceeded on attacking the Marcos administration, delivering speeches across the country, and serving as one of the most prominent overseas front fighters for Philippine democracy.

When he landed on Philippine soil on that fateful day of August 21, 1983, Ninoy was assassinated.

His death, which triggered a series of civil disobedience campaigns that eventually culminated in the 1986 revolution, proved that a dead Ninoy could be a more formidable opponent to the Marcoses than the fearless, fast-talking, hard-hitting political leader that the latter was when he was still alive. Ninoy’s death inspired and empowered the masses to go out to the streets and shout, “Sobra na! Tama na! Palitan na!” It resulted to public outrage that eventually put an end to Marcos’ 21-year oppressive rule.

It changed our country’s history.

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August 21, 2018: 35 Years After Ninoy’s Death

Anyone in his right mind would have thought that, considering everything that we, as a nation, had to suffer, had to sacrifice, and had to fight for even with our very lives just to win back our freedom, we would have already learned our lesson. We would have thought that from then on, we, Filipinos, will do everything and anything just to ensure that history will never repeat itself. We would have thought that we now have all the more reason to prove to everyone that we are, indeed, worth dying for.

But look around you.

Holding the highest office in the land is an incompetent, quick-tempered, vindictive, treasonous, misogynistic, narcissistic, tyrannical, foul-mouthed, bigoted psychopath.

More than 25,000 Filipinos, mostly poor and innocent, and all without the benefit of due process, have already been killed in the name of this administration’s War on Drugs. And the war is “far from over,” according to the butcher in Malacañang. “It will be as relentless and chilling as on the day it began.”

In a blatant disregard of the Hague tribunal’s ruling on the Philippines-China dispute over the West Philippine Sea, our islands are now generously given to China – and on a silver platter, no less. The ass-licker in Malacañang continues to kowtow to China despite the bully-nation being the source of tons of illegal drugs, smuggled goods, illegal Chinese workers, blacklisted contractors, and casinos that are granted easy access into the country, and of “friendly” loans that are potentially part of China’s debt-trap diplomacy.

Ferdinand Marcos, the late dictator who made our countrymen’s lives a living hell during his dictatorial reign, and whose economic sabotage left us with an external debt that we are all still paying for until the year 2025, is now buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani – no thanks to the dictator-wanna-be in Malacañang who thinks that Marcos is the best president our country has ever had.

Marawi, once a thriving city, was transformed into a virtual ghost town when it became the battleground between IS militants and government troops, where countless soldiers and civilians perished. This happened after a loose cannon in Malacañang dared the Maute Group to attack Marawi. The firefight prompted Duterte to declare Martial Law, not just in Marawi but in the entire Mindanao, and despite the conflict eventually being resolved in October of last year, ML has been extended twice. It will take effect until the end of this year.

This administration continues to aggressively campaign for federalism through constitutional amendment amid its apparent unpopularity, the citizens’ disapproval, and the warning of their own economic managers that the shift could have “dire consequences” and could “wreak havoc on the economy.” In an effort to get Filipinos talk about federalism, Asec. Mocha came up with a jingle video popularly known as Pepedederalismo. She got the Filipinos talking, all right.

Sen. Leila de Lima is languishing in solitary pre-trial detention for exactly 544 days now. For fearlessly launching a Senate inquiry into the spate of killings happening under the guise of a drug war, the Fentanyl-addict in Malacañang vilified and demonized her in an attempt to break and silence the unbreakable Senator.

For the adversarial positions she held against the various policies of this administration, Maria Lourdes Sereno was ousted as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Her colleagues at the SC acted on the quo warranto petition filed by SolGen Jose Calida – a petition that was not only baseless but, more so, unconstitutional. The entire proceeding was believed to be part of an effort to undermine the independence of the judiciary.

Instead of improving tax collection measures (In 2015, only 25 of the top 50 richest Filipinos are on the list of top 500 taxpayers.), the TRAIN Law was passed and implemented regardless of its debilitating impact on the poorest of the poor – our most vulnerable socio-economic class. The poor are “made to pay for the government’s failure to collect from the wealthy.” That’s the TRAIN Law, in a nutshell, according to former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay.

Oligarchs, in cahoots with political dynasts, continue to control and run the country despite Duterte’s promise that he would “destroy oligarchs embedded in government.” Our current DPWH Secretary and Duterte appointee, Mark Villar, is a perfect example of an oligarch, while members of political dynasties include the likes of Cayetanos, Arroyos, Marcoses, Estradas, and, yes, Dutertes.

The government appointees of “the best president in the solar system” are “only the best and the brightest.” Take, for instance, Mocha and Andanar of PCOO, Cesar Montano and Wanda Teo of DOT, Bong Go (the national photo bomber), Vit Aguirre (Jack Lam extorsion and his plan to make Janet Lim Napoles a state witness), Nicanor Faeldon formerly of Bureau of Customs, and so on. This should be expected when people are appointed out of “utang na loob” instead of their merit. “Even a whiff, or a whisper, of corruption and you’re out,” Duterte warned. Government officials sacked due to corruption should not worry, though. Under this administration, terminated appointees can still be recycled.

P6.4B worth of drugs actually smuggled in Oct. 2017 and another P6.8B “speculatively” smuggled this month. On both occasions, what were most conspicuous and interesting are the President’s deafening silence and utter lack of interest. When will his “relentless and chilling” War on Drugs come in?

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is now out of the Veterans Memorial Medical Center and, miraculously, out of her neck brace and wheelchair, too! She is now the Speaker of the House of Representatives after she overthrew Bebot Alvarez as a result of the most brilliant and totally unexpected political machinations. She could also be our next Prime Minister under the Federal form of government. By the same token, Jinggoy Estrada is out of detention and will “most probably run in next year’s mid-term elections to reclaim his Senate seat.”

Sr. Patricia Fox, a 71-year-old Australian missionary who has been staying in the country for 27 years now, was ordered by the Bureau of Immigration to leave the country. Davao’s most-feared thug in Malacañang claimed that Sr. Patricia is an undesirable alien and that her presence “poses a risk to public interest.”

The bully in Malacañang has been attacking and threatening the media because of their critical reporting on the relentless killings that his brutal war on drugs both entail and incite. He also tried to curtail press freedom by advising them to tone down their reporting.

According to the Commission on Human Rights, the ancestral lands of indigenous peoples such as the Lumads are considered sacred. However, the real estate agent in Malacañang said that, to help the Lumads generate wealth, he would personally invite investors to develop the ancestral domain areas in Mindanao. Under this administration, 30 Lumads had already been killed and at least 30,000 were forcibly evacuated “due to aerial bombings to pave way for the entry of foreign corporations and big local businesses.”

The CPP rejected the guidelines of the peace talks proposed by the government. Duterte, the habitual promise-breaker in Malacañang, “has been responsible for repeatedly terminating peace negotiations,” according to CPP founder and NDFP political adviser, Joma Sison. “We can no longer negotiate with an administration headed by Duterte,” he added.

The favorite punching bag these days of the blasphemous tenant in Malacañang is the Roman Catholic Church, along with its leaders, its Bible, and its God. The worst attack he has made, so far, was when he called our God “stupid.”

Duterte is notorious for making sexist, chauvinistic, misogynistic and even racist remarks and insults, and for acting vindictively against his female critics. Among the most notable victims of the filthy-mouthed wimp in Malacañang are Sen. De Lima, CJ Sereno, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, Sen. Risa Hontiveros, VP Leni, UN Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard, ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, Fil-Am philanthropist Loida Nicolas-Lewis, Australian missionary Sr. Patricia Fox, and Rappler’s Maria Ressa and Pia Ranada.

Under this administration, we are now experiencing a rising inflation, rising unemployment, rising debt, rising power rate, rising prices of basic commodities, rising fuel costs, and rising interest rates. And all these are not mere fake news being fabricated by the babbling liar in Malacañang.

Our democratic institutions are being demolished. “Congress is a rubberstamp, the Senate is a circus, our legislators carry on with their political plays as if the EJKs are not a thick red line that takes everything off the table. Both the Supreme Court and the Ombudsman are embattled, and the CHR’s existence is jeopardized by the specter of a new constitution.”

Finally, look at what Duterte has spawned in this country: historical revisionism and/or historical amnesia, widespread apathy, aggressive ignorance, unspeakable cruelty, smug complacency, misplaced nationalism, pervasive hopelessness, crippling fear, wretched ungratefulness, and pure, unadulterated stupidity.

All these could not have happened if we did not put someone like Duterte in Malacanang.

So, if Ninoy were alive today, do you think he would still consider the Filipino worth dying for?


With your tough-talking macho image, overplayed bravado and exaggerated tales of virility, you wanted to impress us. To intimidate us. To scare us.

But, Digongmylabs, we can see through you. We know that, behind that veneer, you’re nothing but a coward who is terrified of China. You can’t even bring Sen. Trillanes down, for crying out loud! All you can manage to pick on are those that you either perceive to be weaker than you are or too decent to fight you at your own game — the poor, the people of faith, the diplomats, the media, and the women.


Even before you were elected President, we already knew that you had this deep-seated hate for women. Yes, you would often say that you love women so much that you are seldom monogamous. You brag that you have two wives and other “spare tires,” even claiming that to be the norm for lawyers and politicians. But, you see, womanizing is one of the most fundamental signs that you have virtually no respect for women.

During the campaign, you gleefully claimed that when you were younger, you used to molest your housemaid in her sleep. You boasted that you did not give in to your girlfriend’s request for a car since you would only enjoy a “short time” with her. To defend womanizing, you said that it simply couldn’t be helped as “there are so many women and so short a time in this world.” You’ve also repeatedly displayed how you would make some of your female supporters sit on your lap and kiss them on the lips for everyone to see. (Just recently, you kissed a female OFW onstage during a meeting with the Filipino community in South Korea. On the lips!) Your most tasteless, most insensitive and cruelest joke came, however, when you said that the death of Australian missionary Jacqueline Hamill was such a waste because she was so beautiful, you should have been first in the line of those who gang-raped her. That “joke” made you an international sensation, albeit infamously.

Your supporters are always too eager and too quick to defend you, though. According to them, they elected a president — neither a priest nor a saint. You’re really one lucky devil, Digongmylabs, as far as the blind loyalty of your minions is concerned.

During a press conference shortly after your inauguration, you catcalled Mariz Umali, a local female reporter. Immediately after that, your apologists came up with an unacceptable explanation that catcalling is actually a compliment and is part of one’s freedom of expression. That was why, during your next press conference, another fearless female reporter, Pia Ranada-Robles, felt the need to cite “Section 8 of the Women Development Code of Davao City which states that ““cursing, whistling or calling a woman in public with words having dirty connotations or implications which tend to ridicule, humiliate or embarrass the woman” is a form of sexual harassment.” That city ordinance was enacted by none other than you, Digongmylabs, in 1997 when you were still the Mayor of Davao.

During the anniversary of Supertyphoon Yolanda and in front of hundreds of the typhoon’s survivors, you admitted to ogling at VP Leni’s knees during your cabinet meetings. That wasn’t the only time that you made her the butt of your sexually charged jokes as you believed that making those jokes during speeches were necessary to make your audience laugh. Speaking of Typhoon Yolanda, do you remember what you said? You said that you wished only the ugly had died during that calamity and that the beautiful ones were spared.

Digongmylabs, that one right there came dangerously close to your Australian missionary rape joke as far as callousness was concerned.

The first victim of political persecution under your administration is Sen. De Lima. On national TV, before you had her thrown in jail due to trumped-up charges, you would relentlessly slut-shame her, even referring to her as an X-rated actress a number of times. You gossiped about a sex video that you alleged she had with her ex-lover, threatened to have that shown in public, and used that to ridicule her interminably. You even joked that you would show that video to Pope Francis when you heard that he sent Sen. De Lima a rosary in prison. You already got yourself into trouble once for previous rude remarks about the Pope and, yet, you were at it again. You just never learn, do you, Digongmylabs?


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You’ve been notorious for making sexist, chauvinistic, misogynistic and even racist remarks and insults, and for acting vindictively against your female critics.

You called Agnes Callamard, a UN special rapporteur on human rights, “malnourished” and “skinny,” and referred to Fatou Bensouda, an International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor, as “that black woman.”

When the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released its World Economic Outlook, you lashed out at Christine Lagarde, the IMF Managing Director, by saying that one could easily change the latter’s gloomy outlook on the Philippines by pulling her into a corner and kissing her.

Without presenting any substantiated evidence, you publicly accused Fil-Am philanthropist Loida Nicolas-Lewis of having a hand in the preliminary examination conducted by the ICC into your war on drugs. You added that she is capable of conspiring with the ICC to indict you for crimes against humanity because “she’s rich.” (The Davao City Council declared Lewis a “persona non grata” in Davao City based on that allegation alone.)

In a televised address, you publicly denounced Sr. Patricia Fox, the 71-year-old Australian missionary who caught your attention when she came to the Martial Law-placed Mindanao as part of a fact-finding mission. You had her arrested and ordered deported.

Enraged by the relentless and critical reporting done by the mainstream media on the killings that your brutal war on drugs both entailed and incited, you targeted, first, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, then ABS-CBN and, finally, Rappler. PDI owners eventually sold their controlling stocks to Ramon Ang, a close friend of yours and a campaign financier, while ABS-CBN continues to toe the line in the face of your threat to block the renewal of their franchise which is set to expire in 2020. Maria Ressa and the Rappler team, meanwhile, continued with their fearless reporting amid all government efforts to quell and silence them — you claimed (again, without any verifiable evidence) that Rappler is “fully owned” by Americans; you declared that it is a fake news outlet; its incorporation papers were revoked; its Malacanang Palace correspondent, Pia Ranada, was barred from the palace premises; and it is being investigated for tax evasion.


Recently, you said that you could not count on women at all times; that they could not stand threats and intimidation; that they should be prim and proper; that the next Ombudsman and Chief Justice should not be a woman. With such a mentality, it is not hard to assume that you are terrified of women in power.

In the Philippines, there are five women whose power, independence and strength you either despise or fear. And since you don’t know how to handle or deal with them, much less to subjugate them, you resort to insult and threat. You want to control them. You want to silence them. You want to break them.

But you are learning, much to your chagrin and frustration, that you can never put a good woman down.

Even from detention, Sen. De Lima continues to painstakingly perform her duties as a member of the Senate and of the opposition bloc. She doesn’t pull any punches — her criticisms of your administration remain scathing — and her spirit is still indomitable.

Sen. Risa Hontiveros, despite the administration’s attempt to put her in jail supposedly through the machination and connivance of VACC and the DOJ, remains relentless in her fearless fight for her various advocacies, among which are her courageous battles against any form of human rights violations, the declaration of Martial Law, and corruption in government.

VP Leni Robredo, even after you virtually forced her to resign from your cabinet after you issued an instruction (via text!) for her to desist from attending all future cabinet meetings, continues to fulfill her duties and responsibilities as our duly-elected Vice President. She has been vocal in condemning many of your pronouncements that she deems inimical to our country’s interests. As a consequence, she is now facing an imminent loss to Bongbong Marcos in the Vice-Presidential recount because “your” Supreme Court sitting as Presidential Electoral Tribunal denied her plea to follow the threshold set by the Comelec for shading of ballots, the very same shading threshold used for the 2016 national elections.

You said that you will file an impeachment case against Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales for “selective justice” and conspiracy to oust you —this, after the Office of the Ombudsman had conducted investigations into your family’s alleged unexplained wealth which supposedly amounts to billions. At one point, you also challenged her to resign. Morales, however, remained unfazed as she reiterated that she won’t abandon her constitutional duties.

There are many instances that you and CJ Maria Lourdes Sereno have had public clashes, compelling you and your sycophants to do everything that you could to rid of her. You threatened her, you demanded her resignation, you had the House Justice committee hear the impeachment complaint filed against her by a pro-Duterte, pro-Marcos lawyer, you had your chief attorney, Solgen Calida, file a quo warranto petition to nullify the CJ’s appointment, and you had “your” Supreme Court act favorably on that petition.

These five strong, independent and powerful women are the faces and voices of all the Filipinas who, despite harassment, coercion and threats, continue to fight everything that you stand for — tyranny, fakery, murder, plunder, treason, incompetence, vindictiveness, indecency and misogyny. They will be the proverbial thorn in your side as long as you keep promoting words and actions that are crippling to the gender equality movement, damaging to women’s dignity, and threatening to the safety of women all over the world. They will serve as the constant reminder that you, Digongmylabs, are nothing but a big, spineless, pathetic, filthy-mouthed wimp.